Friday, August 5, 2011

Le “nube digital” menaccia le utilitate e securitate del Rete.

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Grande fugas de datos, le quales deveni de plus in plus frequente in le rete per le activitates de hackers maliciose, monstra multo clarmente le problemas seriosissime del Rete mesme e del technologia electronic de communication.

Steve Jobs, de Apple, prognostica que le centro de gravitate del vita digital non essera plus le computatores personal e lor discos dur ma essera le “nube”, le servitores de companias como Google, Microsoft, Amazon, o mesmo Apple.

Con le nube, le usario devenira independente de su proprie computator e immagazinara omne su documentos, programmas, musica, posta electronic, films, e photos usante un telephono mobile intelligente (vermente un microcomputator), computatores como le iPad, o mesmo omne le tipos de computatores que ha apparite usque nunc. Ma in vice de un disco dur, le principal loco de immagazinage essera le nube.

Ma un tal systema public ha problemas significante. Depender de un interprisa commercial pro le controlo de omne vostre information--sia commercial, professional, o personal--ha al minus tres riscos multo seriose.

Le prime es le perdita de datos, per esser furate, corrumpite, o destruite per piratas informatic. Le secunde es le abuso o negligentia del direction del companias que immagazina iste information. Le tertie es le dependentia sur le connectivitate. Sin facile accesso al Rete, le nube es completemente inutile.


The “digital cloud” threatens the usefulness and security of the Internet.

Great leakages of data, which are becoming increasingly frequent on the Net because of the activities of malicious hackers, show very clearly the very serious problems of the Net itself and electronic communications technology.

Steve Jobs, of Apple, predicts that the center of gravity of digital life will no longer be personal computers and their hard drives but the “cloud,” the servers of companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or even Apple.

With the cloud, the user will become independent of his own computer and will store all his documents, programs, music, e-mail, films, and photos using a smart phone (really a microcomputer), computers like the iPad, or even all the kinds of computers that have appeared up to now. But instead of a hard drive, the principal storage location will be the cloud.

But such a public system has significant problems. Depending on a commercial enterprise for the control of all your information--whether commercial, professional, or personal--has at least three very serious risks.

The first is the loss of data through theft, corruption, or destruction by hackers. The second is the abuse or negligence by the management of the companies that store this information. The third is the dependence on connectivity. Without easy access to the Net, the cloud is completely useless.

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