Monday, June 14, 2010

Immense depositos de minerales in Afghanistan!

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Le “New York Times” ha publicate un articulo que dice que Afghanistan ha ingente depositos de minerales como ferro, cupro, cobalt, e auro. Iste depositos es tan grande e include tante minerales que es essential al industria moderne que Afghanistan eventualmente poterea transformer se a in un del plus importante productores de minerales in le mundo.

Le russos comenciava a discoperir iste ricchessa de minerales e lo documentava. Lor documentation facilitava le discoperimentos de geologos american del ingente depositos de minerales in Afghanistan.

Secundo le “Times”, le depositos le plus grande discoperite usque nunc in ille pais es de ferro e cupro, e le quantitates es assatis grande pro converter Afghanistan a in un importantissime productor de ambe minerales. Altere discoperimentos include grande depositos de niobium, un metallo molle usate in le production de un aciero superconductive. On ha anque discoperite grande depositos de auro in le Pakistan meridional.

Solmente iste mense, geologos american qui forma parte del equipa del fortias militar statounitese dice que probabilemente il ha grande depositos de lithium in le Afghanistan occidental. Illes dice que in un parte del provincia de Ghazni de Afghanistan probabilemente il ha depositos tan grande como illos de Bolivia, que in iste momento ha le reservas de lithium le plus grande del mundo.

Eventualmente iste discoperimentos pote provocar un guerra inter le Statos Unite e China proque ambe paises habera besonio de iste minerales pro lor disveloppamento industrial in le futuro. China specialmente vole disvellopar su capacitate pro producer automobiles electric. Lithium es un elemento essential pro lor accumulatores, e China, naturalmente, vole le lithium de Bolivia. Con le tempore le chineses anque volera le lithium de Afghanistan.


The “New York Times” has published an article saying that Afghanistan has huge deposits of minerals such as iron, copper, cobalt, and gold. These deposits are so large and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan eventually could become one of the most important mineral producers in the world.

The Russians started to discover this mineral wealth and documented it. Their documentation facilitated the discoveries by American geologists of the gigantic mineral deposits in Afghanistan.

According to the “Times,” the largest deposits discovered up to now in that country are of iron and copper, and the quantities are large enough to make Afghanistan a very important producer of both minerals. Other discoveries include large depostis of niobium, a soft metal used in the production of a superconductive steel. Large deposits of gold have also been discovered in southern Pakistan.

Only this month American geologists forming part of a team of American military forces say that probably there are large deposts of lithium in western Afghanistan. They say that in a part of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province there proabaly are deposits as large as the ones in Bolivia, which at this moment has the largest lithium reserves in the world.

Eventually these discoveries could provoke a war between the United States and China because both countries will need these minerals for their industrial development in the future. China especially wants to develop its capacity for producing electric automobiles. Lithium is an essential element for their batteries, and China, naturally, wants Bolivia’s lithium. In time, the Chinese will also want Afghanistan’s lithium.