Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Io va al hospital pro un secunde intervention cardiac.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Le die 9 julio 2009, io va al centro cardiac del Long Beach Memorial Hospital pro un secunde operation cardiac. Il es ben possibile que io non supervivera iste intervention chirurgic. E si io lo supervive, io non potera contribuer altere articulos a “Interlingua multilingue” pro un periodo de plus o minus un mense.

Si vos vole informationes ulterior sur mi condition medic, vos pote inquirer a iste adresses de e-mail: o

Pro studentes de interlingua e su linguas fonte, il ha plus que 600 articulos, alicunes breve, alicunes plus longe, in “Interlingua multilingue”, le quales es disponibile a duo adresses, e

Vos omnes es benvenite a copiar e adaptar omne iste articulos pro vostre besonios personal e a publicar los in altere sitos in le Rete. Io spera que io ha complite mi objectivo de provider a studentes de interlingua e de su linguas fonte un ressource utile pro lor studios.

Io anque vos invita a explorar le textos e le curso de “Interlingua in interlingua”, que es disponibile a


I am going to the hospital for a second heart operation.

On July 9, 2009, I am going to the cardiac center of the Long Beach Memorial Hospital for a second heart operation. It is quite possible that I will not survive this operation. And if I do survive it, I will not be able to contribute other articles to “Interlingua multilingue” for a period of more or less a month.

If you want further information about my medical condition, you can inquire at these e-mail addresses: or

For students of Interlingua and its source languages, there are more than 600 articles, some brief, others a bit longer, in “Interlingua multilingue,” all of which are available at two addresses, and

You are all invited to copy and adapt these articles for your personal needs and to publish them in other sites on the Net. I hope that I have accomplished my objective of providing students of Interlingua and its source languages with a useful resource for their studies.

I also invite you to explore the texts and the course at “Interlingua in interlingua,” which is available at


Anonymous said...

Io te desira un intervention chirurgic le plus succedite e un recuperation rapide. Nos totes expecta que tu scribera hic multo tosto. Bon sorte.

Laurentio said...

Anque mi desiros a te de un operation e recuperation rapide.

Josu Lavin said...

Car amico Harleigh,

Tu sanitate tosto sera restabilite.

Nos te ama!