Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plagiarism and the Processing of Texts for “Interlingua multilingue”

With regard to processing the texts of "Interligua multilingue, I take maximum advantage of the ease of copying and re-editing electronic texts.

When I process three or more parallel texts, I generally start out with a non-English text, translate it into English using Google's translator, and then use this electronic translator to re-edit both the English and foreign texts--with reference, quite naturally, to their easy translatability into Interlingua.

Once I have whipped the non-Interlingua texts into shape, then I make an Interlingua translation of all of them (possibly re-editing the non-Interlingua texts as I go).

Of course, working like this involves plagiarism and violation of copyright. But copyright is now unenforceable in the Internet environment, and I make no apologies for working the way I do to produce materials that, I hope, will be useful for present and future students of both Interlingua and its source languages.

Since I freely plagiarize and re-edit the texts of others in my work, fairness dictates that I should allow others to plagiarize and re-edit my own texts as they see fit. Doing this is a very useful exercise for building up writing and editing skills!

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Death Machine said...

Io non intendeva. Tu dejara de scriber tu blog? O tu habe problemas con le leges de derectos de autor?