Monday, April 25, 2011

Le equivalentes pro “cluster bomb” producite per in espaniol, francese, e portugese

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

In “Problems I had in translating "cluster bomb" into Interlingua” io documentava como io usava le traductor electronic de Google pro traducer “cluster bomb” a in interlingua.

Il ha un altere ressource gratuite in internet que anque pote usar utile pro iste tipo de recercas terminologic: Iste sito usa omne internet como un dictionario bilingue e functiona de un maniera simile al traductor de Google. In altere parolas, illo examina un grandissime numero de textos bilingue in internet e pote usar se pro presentar equivalentes de phrases como “cluster bomb” in anglese e germano, espaniol, francese, e portugese.

(Le original par de linguas esseva anglese e germano, e iste altere linguas se ha addite al sito plus recentemente. Infelicemente, illo non ha addite le italiano a iste collection de linguas.)

Quando io essayava a cercar equivalentes pro “cluster bomb” in espaniol, le traduction que linguee produceva esseva “bombas de racimo”.

Quando io essayava a cercar equivalentes pro iste phrase in francese, io recipeva “bombes à sous-munitions”, “bombes a fragmentation”, e “bombes à grappes”.

In portugese, produceva le traduction “bombas de fragmentação”. pote esser un utile supplemento pro dictionarios pro traductores qui travalia inter anglese e germano, francese, espaniol, e portugese, e anque es bidirectional inter anglese e iste linguas.


The equivalents for “cluster bomb” produced by in Spanish, French, and Portuguese

In “Problems I had in translating "cluster bomb" into Interlingua” I documented how I used Google’s electronic translator to translate “cluster bomb” into Interlingua.

There is another internet resource available at no cost that also can be useful for this kind of terminological research:
This site uses the entire internet as a bilingual dictionary and works in a way that is similar to Google’s translator. In other words, it examines a very large number of bilingual texts on the internet and can use them to present equivalents for phrases like “cluster bomb” in English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

(The original pair of these languages was English and German, and these other languages have been added to the site more recently. Unfortunately, it has not added Italian to this collection of languages.)

When I tried to look for equivalents for "cluster bomb" in Spanish, the translation that linguee produced was "bombas de racimo."

When I tried to look for equivalents for this phrase in French, I got “bombes à sous-munitions,” “bombes a fragmentation,” and “bombes à grappes.”

In Portuguese, produced the translation “bombas de fragmentação.” can be a useful supplement for dictionaries for translatiors who work between English and German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and is also bidirectional between English and these languages.

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Rene said...

Iste pagina es un grande adjuta, gracia pro le ligamine! Passante, io prefererea "bombas a fragmentar".