Saturday, March 14, 2009

Le differentia inter publicar un magazin como “Panorama” e un blog como “Interlingua multilingue”

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Un magazine como “Panorama” se ha publicate exclusivemente in un forma imprimite, ben que il pare que illo nunc se publica electronicamente. “Interlingua multilingue” se publica solmente in forma electronic, e si on vole usar su ressources pro le studio de interlingua e/o su linguas fonte, on pote imprimer los immediate- e facilemente. On anque pote facer nove redactiones de illos, si on vole, pro republication in altere sitos in le Rete.

Le major parte del lectores de “Panorama” debe pagar pro le privilegio de leger lo. “Interlingua multilingue” es disponibile immediate- e gratuitemente.

“Panorama” anque se publica solmente periodicamente (sex vices cata anno). “Interlingua multilingue” se publica continuemente”.

Pro leger vetule articulos de “Panorama”, on debe haber accesso a copias de vetule numeros del magazin. Vetule articulos de “Interlingua multilingue” pote trovar se immediatemente in su archivos electronic. (Io ha quasi omne le vetere numerous de “Panorama”, e io ha publicate nove redactiones de multes ex su articulos sur le scientias e sur le tourismo in “Interlingua in interlingua” pro le uso immediate de studentes de interlingua. Illos es facilemente disponibile in HTML e Microsoft Word.)

Como “Interlingua multilingue” es un blog, il es anque possibile facer ligamines a su articulos ab altere sitos electronic. Tal articulos pote leger se immediatemente. Isto es impossibile in le caso de publicationes imprimite.

Assi, publicationes como “Interlingua multilingue” offere plus grande possibilitates de accesso que es difficile o impossibile in publicationes imprimite.


The difference between publishing a magazine like “Panorama” and a blog like “Interlingua multilingue”

A magazine like “Panorama” has been published exclusively in printed form. “Interlingua multilingue” is published only in electronic form, and if people want to use its resources for studying Interlingua and/or its source languages, they can print them out immediately and easily. They can also re-edit them, if they want, for republication in other sites on the Net.

Most of the readers of “Panorama” must pay for the privilege of reading it. “Interlingua multilingue” is immediately available at no cost.

Panorama is also only published periodically (six times a year). “Interlingua multilingue” is published continuously.

To read old articles from “Panorama,” a person must have access to older issues of the magazine. Older articles in “Interlingua multilingue” can be found immediately in its electronic archives. (I have almost all the old issues of “Panorama,” and I have published re-edited versions of many of its science and travel articles in “Interlingua in interlingua” for the immediate use of students of Interlingua. They are easily available in HTML and Microsoft Word.)

Since “Interlingua multilingue” is a blog, it is also possible to make links to its articles from other electronic sites. Such articles can be read immediately. This is impossible in the case of printed publications.

As a result, publications like “Interlingua multlingue” offer greater possibilities of access that are difficult or impossible in printed publications.

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