Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lo que RATzinger deberea haber dicite.

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Io non haberea ulle querela con RATzinger si ille habeva dicite isto sur le problema del HIV:

“Ben que le ecclesia catholic insenia que le sexo solmente debe occurrer in le contexto de matrimonio inter homines e feminas maritate, io recognosce que multes non crede isto--mesmo multe catholicos. Io anque recognosce que se ha demonstrate que le uso de preservativos es un maniera statisticamente efficace de reducer le taxa de infection del virus que causa SIDA. E ben que le ecclesia non approba le uso de preservativos a causa de su proprie preceptos del moralitate, io recognosce que alteres non es de accordo con le ecclesia e que illes debe haber accesso a ulle maniera scientificamente valide de reducer le taxa de infection de iste virus horribile.”


I would not have any quarrel with RATzinger if he had said this about the HIV problem:

“Though the catholic church teaches that sex should occur only in the context of matrimony between married men and women, I recognize that many do not believe this--even many catholics. I also recognize that it has been demonstrated that the use of condoms is a statistically effective way of reducing the rate of infection of the virus that causes AIDS. And though the church does not approve of the use of condoms because of its own ideas about morality, I recognize that others do not agree with the church and that they should have access to any way scientifically valid way of reducing the rate of infection of this horrible virus.”

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