Thursday, June 18, 2009

Occidentalista polonese interessate in “Interlingua multilingue”

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, Occidental, English)

Un occidentalista polonese, Waldemar Kubica, me inviava per e-posta le message sequente:

“Yo es tre joy pro tui permision usar li articules de "Interlingua Multlingue". Li articules es tre interessant. Fórsan yo va trovar alqun ex mi amicos quel va traducter a frances. Ma li letura de tui traductiones es vermen interessant, it permise me apprender (adminim pasicmen) altri romanic lingues. Yo usa occidental nam ti lingue es mult plu facil por me e presce identic con interlingua. Yo considera ti ambi lingues quam dialectes de un lingue.”

Me place multissimo que ille trova utile mi effortios pro adjuvar le studentes de interlingua e le linguas romanic, e io spera que tosto ille comenciara le publication de un altere blog simile a “Interlingua multilingue” (in le qual ille anque includera versiones in polonese de su articulos) pro occidentalistas qui anque vole studiar le linguas fonte de interlingua.

Ille anque me diceva que forsan ille potera trovar un amico sue francese qui providera versiones in francese de mi articulos. Si vos cognosce (o si vos es) un francese qui comprende lo que io essaya a facer con “Interlingua multilingue”, da a ille o illa mi adresse electronic ( per favor.


A Polish Occidentalist, Waldemar Kubica, sent me the following message by e-mail:

“I am very happy for your permission to use the articles of ‘Interlingua multilingue.” The articles are very interesting. Perhaps I will find one of my friends who will translate [your articles] into French. But reading your translations is really interesting. It allows me to learn (at least passively) other Romance languages. I use Occidental because this language is much easier for me and almost identical with Interlingua. I consider the two languages as dialects of a single language.”

I am very happy that he finds my efforts to help students of Interlingua and the Romance languages to be useful, and I hope that soon he will begin the publication of another blog similar to “Interlingua multilingue” (in which he will also include Polish versions of his articles) for Occidentalists who also want to study the source languages of Interlingua.

He also told me that perhaps he will be able to find a French friend of his who will provide French versions of my articles. If you know (or if you are) a French man or woman who understands what I am trying to do with “Interlingua multilingue,” please give him or her my e-mail address (

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