Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Io cerca collaboratores.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Io volerea augmentar le presentia del francese in “Interlingua multilingue”. Esque vos pote adjuvar me a trovar un homine o femina francese qui comprende lo que io essaya a facer con mi blog e qui pote preparar pro me traductiones confiabile in francese pro le articulos que io publica in iste sito? (Anque me placerea trovar parlatores native del espaniol e del portugese pro iste projecto.)

Eventualmente io volerea establir un wiki in le qual io poterea publicar articulos in interlingua e anglese con spatios pro versiones in le altere linguas fonte de interlingua que nativos de iste linguas o poterea plenar con lor proponite traductiones o rediger traductiones preliminar que io ha facite. Ma in iste momento io non sape como facer isto.

Naturalmente, altere interlinguistas esserea benvenite a initiar lor proprie projectos in iste wiki. Pro exemplo, un interlinguista francese poterea montar al sito articulos in interlingua e francese que le altere participantes poterea traducer a lor linguas native. Il esserea melio, naturalmente, si omne iste collaboratores ha studiate omne iste linguas de maniera que illes cognoscerea assatis intimemente le similaritates e differentias inter omne illos.

Le objecto de iste wiki, naturalmente, esserea provider grande numeros de textos que on poterea usar pro studiar ulles ex iste linguas. Le textos mesme, naturalmente, deberea esser clar, interessante, e facile a traducer.

In un tal wiki io crede que il es melio confinar se a provider textos a esser traducite in vice de interminabile discussiones grammatic sur le uso “correcte” de iste linguas, le quales es completemente inutile pro disveloppar capacitates de facile expression in lor uso.

Google sta a disveloppar un nove systema de collaboration interactive que pare multo interessante. Si tu vole explorar lo, vade a http://wave.google.com. Infelicemente, omne iste discussiones es in anglese. Pro dicer le veritate, un cognoscimento del anglese es essential pro le uso intelligente del rete proque le major parte del innovationes in le informatica veni de anglophonos.

Felicemente, como io es un anglophono, il ha versiones in anglese de omne iste articulos, le quales, io spera, essera utile pro studentes assatis nove del anglese.

Si vos vole communicar con me sur iste possibilitates, scribe me a hkyson@gmail.com.


I would like to increase the presence of French in “Interlingua Multilingue”. Can you help me find a French man or woman who understands what I am trying to do with my blog and who can prepare for me reliable translations for the articles that I publish on this site? (I would also like to find native speakers of of Spanish and Portuguese for this project.)

Eventually I would like to establish a wiki in which I could publish articles in Interlingua and English with spaces for versions in the other source languages of Interlingua that natives of these languages could either fill with their own translations or revise preliminary translations that I have made. But at this moment I don’t know how to do this.

Naturally, other Interlinguists would be welcome to initiate their own projects in this wiki. For example, a French Interlinguist could upload to the site articles in Interlingua and French that the other participants could translate into their native languages. It would be best, of course, if all these collaborators had studied all of these languages so that they would know more or less intimately the similarities and differences among all of them.

The object of this wiki, of course, would be to provide large numbers of texts that could be used for studying any of these languages. The texts themselves, naturally, should be clear, interesting, and easy to translate.

In such a wiki I believe it is best to confine ourselves to providing texts to be translated instead of interminable grammatical discussions on the “correct” use of these languages, which are completely useless for developing capabilities of easy expression in using them.

Google is developing a new system of interactive collaboration that seems very interesting. If you want to explore it, go to http://wave.google.com. Unfortunately, all these discussions are in English. To tell the truth, a knowledge of English is essential for the intelligent use of the Net because most of the innovations in computer science come from speakers of English.

Fortunately, since I am a native speaker of English, there are versions in English of all (of) these articles, which, I hope, will be useful for rather new students of English.

If you want to communicate with me about these possibilities, write me at hkyson@gmail.com.

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