Thursday, June 18, 2009

Problemas con le sito que le Union Mundial pro Interlingua mantene in le Rete

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Io ha legite que le Union Mundial pro Interlingua vole meliorar su sito “official” a e facer lo plus accessibile a su lectores.

Isto es un idea excellente. Un grandissime problema con le sito de UMI es que multes de su partes non es immediatemente disponibile a su lectores como “Interlingua Multilingue” o “Interlingua in interlngua”. Le sito ha restringite le accesso a multes de su partes per le uso de contrasignos, pro exemplo. Isto es contraproductive! Omne le partes del sito debe esser immediatemente disponibile a su lectores con solmente un o duo clics como en “Interlingua in interlingua”. Graphicamente, le sito anque pote esser plus clar simple e minus incombrate.

Si nos vole attraher augmentante numeros de studentes a interlingua, nos debe augmentar grandemente le accessibililtate a omne nostre bibliographia. Isto anque debe includer accesso immediate e gratuite a omne nostre litteratura.

Multes ha recognosite que interlingua es in grande besonio de revitalisation. Nos nunquam potera revitalisar interlingua si multe partes de nostre litteratura es disponibile solmente a cambio de moneta. Que mi proprie effortios con le publication de “Interlingua multilingue” e “Interlingua in interlingua” serve como exemplo a altere interlinguistas qui realmente vole facer alique efficace pro le revitalisation de nostre lingua planificate preferite!


Problems with the site that the Union Mundial Pro Interlingua maintains on the Net

I have read that the Union Mundial pro Interlingua wants to improve its “official” site at and make it more accessible to its readers.

This is an excellent idea. A very big problem with UMI’s site is that many of its parts are not immediately available to its readers the way they are with “Interlingua multilingue.” or “Interlingua multilingue.” The site has restricted access to many of its parts by the use of passwords, for example. This is counterproductive! All the parts of the site should be immediately available to its readers with only one, two, or three clicks as with “Interlingua in interlingua.” Graphically, the site could also be clearer and simpler and less cluttered.

If we want to attract increasing numbers of students to Interlingua, we should greatly increase accessibility to all our bibliography. This should also include immediate access at no cost to all our literature.

Many have recognized that Interlingua is in great need of revitalization. We will never be able to revitalize Interlingua if many parts of our literature are available only for money. Let my own efforts with the publication of “Interlingua multilingue” and “Interlingua in interlingua” serve as an example for other Interlinguists who really want to do something effective for the revitalization for our preferred planned language!

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