Friday, April 3, 2009

Le ecclesia catholic e le superpopulation del mundo

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Le ecclesia catholic non permitte le uso de preservativos pro prevenir infectiones de HIV/SIDA proque preservativos anque preveni le natalitate. RATzinger dice a familias in paises del tertie mundo con 12 a 15 infantes, del quales forsan un medietate ha morite, que le controlo del natalitate es “contra le voluntate de Deo”.

(Nemo sape lo que es le voluntate de Deo proque Deo nunquam es presente pro verificar o negar asseverationes sur su voluntate, e Adolf Hitler con le mesme logica e le mesme manco de authoritate de RATzinger poterea haber insistite que le voluntate de Deo esseva que le judeos meritava le extermination a causa de lor peccatos historic.)

Le ecclesia catholic mesmo prohibe le aborto quando un femina morirea sin un tal intervention chirurgic. Le ecclesia catholic, tout simplement, es obscen!

Paul Ehrlich scribeva le libro “The Population Bomb” ante circa 40 annos, e lo que ille prediceva deveni realitate. Cata anno, al minus 30.000.000 personas mori del effectos de fame, e le major parte de illes es infantes.


The catholic church does not allow the use of condoms to prevent AIDS/HIV infections because condoms also are a means of birth control. RATzinger says to families in third-world countries with twelve to fifteen children, half of whom perhaps have died, that birth control is “against the will of God.”

(Nobody knows what the will of God is because God is never present to verify or deny statements about his will, and Adolf Hitler with the same logic and RATzinger’s same lack of authority could have insisted that God’s will was that the Jews deserved extermination because of their past sins.)

The catholic church even forbids abortion when a woman would die without such a surgical intervention. The catholic church, quite simply, is obscene!

Paul Ehrlich wrote the book “The Population Bomb” around forty years ago, and what he predicted is becoming reality. Each year, at least 30,000,000 people die of the effects of famine, and most of them are children.

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