Friday, April 16, 2010

Dece soldatos american ha morite in Iraq post le explosion de un bomba rebelle.

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Desde 2003, plus que 2.100 militares ha morite in Iraq. Secundo le reporto del Washington Institute for Near East Policy, le resistentia contra le occupation in Iraq totevia es firme, e illo poterea reinfortiar se in le proxime menses.

Le reporto contesta clarmente le successos del Statos Unite in Iraq quando le Casa Blanc affirma que le truppas american sta a facer progresso contra le fortias rebelle. Heri dece soldatos american moriva a Fallujah post le explosion de un bomba artisanal. Dece e un altere soldatos esseva ferite.

Intertanto, un gruppo ha sequestrate octo occidentales e illo menacia de executar les le proxime 8 de decembre.


Ten American soldiers have died in Iraq after the explosion of a rebel bomb.

Since 2003, more than 2,100 troops have died in Iraq. According to the report of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the resistance against the occupation in Iraq still is firm, and it could get worse in the next few months.

The report clearly contests the success of the United States in Iraq when the White House affirms that the American troops are making progress against rebel forces. Yesterday ten American soldiers died at Fallujah after the explosion of a hand-made bomb. Eleven other soldiers were injured.

In the meantime, a group has kidnapped eight Westerners, and it is threatening to execute them on December 8.

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