Tuesday, February 8, 2011

David Cameron insiste que omnes qui vive in le Regno Unite debe acceptar le valores de libertate e tolerantia del cultura britannic.

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Le prime ministro britannic, David Cameron, ha declarate un fin al “tolerantia passive” de communitates dividite in le Regno Unite, insistente que le membros de omne religiones debe integrar se in le societate general Britannic e acceptar certe valores basic de libertate e tolerantia.

Esser un citatano in le Regno Unite, ille insista, significa acceptar le libertate de parola, le democratia, derectos equal pro omne gruppos ethnic, e le elimination de prejudicio contra mulieres, e minoritates sexual. Proclamante un doctrina de “liberalismo muscular”, ille insiste que on debe abandonar le idea que communitates minoritari debe poter viver secundo lor proprie valores e traditiones si illes non viola le lege.

“Con le doctrina de multiculturalismo, nos ha incoragiate le complete separation cultural de minoritates religiose mesmo si illes non se conforma con le valores basic del cultura britannic generalisate”, diceva Cameron. “Usque nunc, nos non ha providite a omne illes un vision del societate in le qual illes pote intergrar se commodemente con omne citatanos britannic.”

“Omne nos debe creder in le valores basic de libertate e equalitate e promover los activemente”, ille diceva. “Illo significa que omne immigrantes in le Regno Unite debe apprender a parlar anglese e que omne le scholas del pais debe inseniar ‘le elementos de un cultura britannic commun’”.

Le prime ministro notava que le multiculturalismo ha resultate in le oppression de alicun britannicos de origine exclusivemente europee. Le racismo e le intolerantia, ille insista, debe esser condemnate. Ma “quando intolerantia de nostre valores basic veni de personas qui non es de origine exclusivemente europee, nos ha essite troppo caute, vermente troppo timorose, pro confrontar les”, ille diceva. “Nos non pote acceptar tal intolerantia de ulle gruppo in nostre pais.”

Iste commentarios veniva post que Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, le presidente del Partito Conservative, se plangeva que prejudicios contra musulmanes esseva socialmente acceptabile e multo commun in le Regno Unite.

Le prime ministro insiste que il ha un distinction clar inter “extremismo islamic” como un ideologia politic e le religion islamic mesme. “Nos debe comprender clarmente”, ille diceva, “que le extremso islamic e le islam mesme non es le mesme cosa”.

Le governamento Britannic sta a reevaluar su strategia pro resister le contraterrorismo e pro promover le cohesion social in le medio del anxietate que le stato es troppo tolerante de gruppos musulman qui non accipe le valores liberal de tolerantia social e religiose.

Le prime ministro britannic anque diceva que gruppos social e religiose in le Regno Unite essera attentemente examinate in le fulturo pro determinar si illes promove le democratia, le equalitate, e le integration social. Gruppos que non appoia iste valores recipera nulle moneta public e essera completemente excludite de relationes con le governamento britannic.


David Cameron insists that everyone living in the United Kingdom must accept the values of liberty and tolerance of British culture.

The British prime minister, David Cameron, has declared an end to “passive tolerance” of divided communities in the United Kingdom, insisting that the memberos of all religions should integrate themselves into general British society and accept certain basic values of liberty and tolerance.

Being a citizen of the United Kingdom, he insists, means accepting freedom of speech, democracy, equal rights for all ethnic groups, and the elimination of prejudice against women and sexual minorities. Proclaiming a doctrine of “muscular liberalism,” he insists that that everyone must give up on the idea that minority communities should be able to live according to their own values and traditions if they don’t violate the law.

“With the doctrine of multiculturalism, we have encouraged the complete cultural separation of religious minorities even if they don’t conform to the basic values of generalized British culture,” Cameron said. “Up to now, we have not provided all of them with a vision of society in which they can comfortably integrate with all British subjects.”

“All of us must believe in the basic values of liberty and equality and actively promote them,” he said. “That means that all immigrants in the United Kingdom must learn to speak English and that all the schools in the country must teach ‘the elements of a basic common culture’.”

The prime minister noted that multiculturalism has resulted in the oppression of some Britishers of exclusively European origin. Racism and intolerance, he insists, must be condemned. But “when intolerance of our basic values comes from people who are not of exclusively European origin, we have been too cautious, really too fearful, to confront them,” he said. “We cannot accept such intolerance from any group in our country.”

These comments came after Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, the chairwoman of the Conservative party, complained that prejudices against Muslims were socially acceptable and very common in the United Kingdom.

The prime minister insists that there is a clear distinction between “Islamic extremism” as a political ideology and the Islamic relgion itself. “We must understand clearly,” he said, “that Islamic extremism and Islam itself are not the same thing.”

The British government is re-evaluating its strategy for resisting counterrorism and for promoting social cohesion in the midst of anxiety that the state is too tolerant of Muslim groups that don’t accept the liberal values of social and religious tolerance.

The British prime minister also said that social and religious groups in the United Kingdom will be carefully examined in the future to determine if they promote democracy, equality, and social integration. Groups that do not support these values will receive no public oney and will be completely excluded from relations with the British government.

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