Tuesday, August 25, 2009

YouTube e interlingua

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

YouTube es multo popular inter le teenagers del mundo. On ha dicite que le cercator que illes prefere non es illo de Google o Yahoo ma le cercator de YouTube. Pro illes, il pare, si alique non existe in video, illo simplemente non existe.

Como omnes pote contribuer liberemente a YouTube e illo es un sito assatis nove, illo contene multe videos con pauc valor. Le teenagers de YouTube sovente es multo admirabile pro lor enthusiasmo, ma multes de illes non ha apprendite como usar le medio video de manieras efficace.

In YouTube on pote trovar videos sur omne le themas que on pote imaginar. Il mesmo ha videos pedagogic con titulos como “How to Take a Shit” (Como cacar se).

YouTube anque pote esser un ressource excellente pro studiar versiones oral de interlingua. Infelicemente, multes ex illos non usa le medio video con multe efficacitate, ma il ha exceptiones notabile:

Duo de illos ha le titulos “Guerra, article from the Interlingua Wikipedia” e “Populo (People), article from the Interlingua Wikipedia”. In iste videos un interlinguista lege iste articulos, e lor texto appare sur le schermo durante que ille los lege.

Iste es un maniera excellente de studiar le pronunciation de interlingua, e il debe haber un abunduntia de illos disponibile in YouTube; e si io habeva accesso al utensilios pro preparar videos, io prepararea un abundantia de videos simile.

Tal videos es assatis facile a preparar. Un sol interlinguista pote elaborar los sin le adjuta de alteres. On solmente debe seliger le textos e leger los, usante alicun utensiles de video assatis simple pro preparar los.

Io spera que in le futuro crescente numero de tal videos apparera in YouTube!

YouTube and Interlingua

YouTube is quite popular among the teenagers of the world. It has been said that the search engine that they prefer is not Google’s or Yahoo’s, but (YouTube’s search engine)/(the You Tube search engine). For them, it seems, if something does not exist in video, it simply does not exist.

Since everyone can freely contribute to YouTube and it is a rather new site, it has a lot of videos of questionable value. YouTube teenagers are often very admirable for their enthusiasm, but many of them have not learned how to use the video medium in effective ways.

In YouTube it is possible to find videos on every subject imaginable. There even are pedagogical videos with titles like “How to Take a Shit.”

YouTube can also be an excellent resource for studying oral versions of Interlingua. Unfortunately, many of them do not use the video medium very effectively, but there are notable exceptions.

Two of them have the titles “Guerra, article from the Interlingua Wikipedia” and “Populo (People), article from the Interlingua Wikipedia.” In these videos an Interlinguist reads these articles, and their text appears on the screen while he is reading them.

This is an excellent way to study the pronunciation of Interlingua, and there should be an abundance of them available on YouTube; and if I had access to the tools for preparing videos, I would prepare an abundance of similar videos.

Such videos are rather easy to prepare. A single Interlinguist can elaborate them without the help of others. A person only has to select the texts and read them, using rather simple video tools to prepare them.

I hope that in the future a growing number of such videos will appear on YouTube!

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