Thursday, November 12, 2009

Io ha reimmagazinate omne le textos de “Interlingua in interlingua”.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Con le adjuta de Joe Terry, le informatico qui me adjuva a mantener mi computator, io ha immagasinate "Interlingua in interlingua in duo nove sitos: (1) in le disco dur del computator que io ha in mi apartamento e (2) in le servitores de un compania que provide un servicio gratuite de immagazinage.

Io diceva a Joe que io vole reinflar le textos de iste publication e montar los a duo sitos gratuite, de maniera que illos essera disponibile a personas qui trovarea utile omne su ressources.

Joe me diceva que ille potera adjuvar me con le republication de "Interlingua in interlingua" plus tarde ma que ille es troppo occupate pro facer lo in iste momento.

Joe ha habite un carriera multo interessante. Inter altere cosas, ille travaliava pro GeoCities immediatemente ante que Yahoo lo comprava. Geocities habeva usate le lingua C in su programation original, ma le compania voleva converter omne iste logiciel a Java, e Joe les adjuvava con iste projecto.

Post mi experientia con Yahoo, io ha concludite que le sol maniera de assecurar le superventia de publicationes Web immagasinate in sitos gratuite es publicar los in plus que un sol sito.


With the help of Joe Terry, the computer tech who helps me maintain my computer, I have stored “Interlingua in interlingua” in two new sites (1) in the hard disk of the computer that I have in my apartment and (2) in the servers of a company that provides free storage service.

I told Joe that I want to reinflate the texts of this publication and upload them to two free sites so that they will be available to people who would find their resources useful.

Joe told me that he can help me with the republication in “Interlingua in interlingua” later on but that he is too busy to do so at this moment.

Joe has had a very interesting career. Among other things, he worked for GeoCities immediately before Yahoo bought it. Geocities had used C in its original programming, but the company wanted to convert all this software to Java, and Joe helped them with this project.

After my experience with Yahoo, I have concluded that the only way to assure the survival of Web publications stored in cost-free sites is to publish them in more than one site.

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