Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Questiones sur Internet (10)

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Decime Question: Qual es le latere obscur de Internet?

Internet non es melior que le societate que lo utilisa. Illo amplifica e accelera le tendencias politic, economic, e social del societates in le quales illo se disveloppa. Assi, il es importante recognoscer que il ha (e sempre ha habite) porographia infantil e exploitation de mulieres e infantes, e Internet solmente provide un altere platteforma pro promover omne isto. Si il ha organisationes sexiste, raciste, o nazi in le diverse partes del mundo, Internet anque provide un platteforma pro exprimer lor ideas e opiniones.

Ben que omne lo que es un latere obscur del humanitate mesmo se exacerba con Internet, iste ressource international anque permitte le intervention positive e le mobilisation pro causas socialmente benefic. Le futuro de Internet depende de lo que occurre inter le fortias del obscuritate e le fortias del luce, que es le batallia le plus vetule del humanitate. In iste momento il es impossible predicer qual de iste duo fortias va a prevaler in le futuro.


Internet is no better than the society that uses it. It amplifies and accelerates the political, economic, and social tendencies of the societies in which it is developed. It is thus important to recognize that there are (and always have been) child pornography and the exploitation of women and children, and the Internet only provides another platform to promote all of this. If there are sexist, racist, or nazi organizations in various parts of the world, the Internet also provides a platform for expressing their ideas and opinions.

Though everything that makes up the dark side of humanity is made even worse with the Internet, this international resource also allows for positive intervention and mobilization for socially beneficial causes. The future of the Internet depends on what occurs between the forces of light and darkness, which is humanity’s oldest battle. At this moment it is impossible to predict which of these two forces is going to prevail in the future.

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