Sunday, December 27, 2009

Un total de 900 messages nunc es disponibile in “Interlingua multilingue”!

(Langauges of this post: Interlingua, English)

Il nunc ha un total de 900 messages in “Interlingua Multilingue”. Quasi omne illos es articulos assatis breve sur un varietate de themas in Interlingua e anglese, e sovente al minus un lingua romanic. (Vos anque pote trovar multe altere textos a [].)

Le stilo de iste articulos es simple e clar; e legente los, vos facilemente pote studiar passivemente le linguas fonte de Interlingua. Si vos elige a studiar iste textos plus activemente, illos anque vos inseniara a exprimer vos de un maniera plus simple e clar.

In communicationes electronic, il es specialmente importante saper exprimer se de un maniera simple e clar. Il ha multe information scribite in Internet, e internautas ha apprendite a filtrar iste textos per leger los rapidissemente usque illes trova le information que illes vole. Si vos sape exprimer vos de un maniera simple e clar, il es probabile que vostre textos attrahera un plus grande numero de lectores. (Le expression simple e clar anque facilita le processo de traduction inter linguas--specialmente con traductores electronic.)

Si vos decide a usar le ressources de “Interlingua multilingue” pro preparar materials didactic in interlingua, su linguas fonte, e mesmo altere linguas, vos es benvenite a rediger iste textos pro vostre necessitates special--specialmente si vos pote trovar altere manieras de exprimer le contento semantic de iste textos de un maniera etiam plus clar e simple!


A total of 900 messages now available in “Interlingua multilingue”!

There is now a total of 900 messages in “Interlingua multilingue”. Almost all of them are rather brief articles on a variety of subjects in Interlingua and English, and often at least one Romance language.

The style of these articles is simple and clear; and by reading them, you can easily passively study the source languages of Interlingua. If you decide to study these texts more actively, they will also teach you to express yourself in a way that is simpler and clearer.

In electronic communications, it is especially important to know how to express yourself simply and clearly. There is a lot of written information on the Internet, and Internet surfers have learned to filter these texts by reading them very rapidly until they find the information they want. If you know how to express yourself simply and clearly, it is probable that your texts will attract a larger number of readers. (Simple and clear expression also facilitates the translation process between languages--especially with electronic translators.)

If you decide to use the resources of “Interlingua multilingue” to prepare teaching materials in Interlingua, its source languages, and even other languages, you are welcome to edit these texts for your special needs--especially if you can find other ways of expressing the semantic content of these texts in a way that is even more simple and clear.

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