Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to use these texts

(Languages of this post: English, Interlingua)

Since the grammar of Interlingua is simple and regular and a lot of its vocabulary is similar to many English words, it is possible that you will be able to read it without special study--especially if you have studied Latin or one of the Romance languages.

Most of these messages are in Interlingua, a Romance language, and English. If you want, you can start with the English version. Then you can try to read the version in Interlingua. After doing this, you can take a look at the version in a Romance language. It's possible you will be quite surprised at the amount you will be able to understand of the third version of these messages when you do this.


Como le grammatica de interlingua es simple e regular e multo de su vocabulario es simile a multe parolas anglese, il es possibile que vos potera leger lo sin studio special--specialmente si vos ha studiate le latino o un del linguas romanic.

Le major parte de iste messages es in interlingua, un lingua romanic, e le anglese. Si vos.vole, vos pote comenciar con le version in anglese. Tunc vos pote essayer a leger le version in interlingua. Post facer isto, vos pote examinar le version in un lingua romanic. Il es possibile que vos essera multo surprendite a causa del quantitate que vos potera comprender del tertie version de iste messages quando vos face isto.

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