Saturday, December 27, 2008

If you are studying English...

(Languages of this post: English, Interlingua)

If you are a native speaker of a Romance language and are studying English, “Interlingua multilingue” can be very useful for you. In electronic communications, it is very useful to know how to express yourself briefly, simply, and clearly. The language of the brief articles on this site exemplify this kind of expression, and if you study them carefully, you will be able to express yourself in a similar way.


Si vos es un nativo de un lingua romanic e studia le anglese, “Interlingua multilingue” pote esser multo utile pro vos. In communications electronic, il es multo utile saper exprimer se de un maniera breve, simple, e clar. Le linguage del breve articulos de iste sito exemplifica iste tipo de expression, e si vos los studia attentemente, vos potera apprender a exprimer vos de un maniera simile.

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