Monday, December 22, 2008

How to Use this Blog

(Languages of this post: English, Interlingua)

This blog presents brief articles in clear and simple language on a variety of topics of general interest from contemporary news sources that can be found on the Internet. The first version is in Interlingua; the second version is in one of its living source languages (English, French, Italian, and Spanish/Portuguese, considered as a single language).

If you want, you can read these articles only for the information they contain. I hope, however, that you will use them for comparative study of Interlingua, its source languages, and English. If you use the texts on this site in this way, you will find that your knowledge of Interlingua and its source languages will continue to grow.

You will also learn to express yourself clearly and simply in the language or languages that you generally use. If one of the source languages of Interlingua is your native language, you will also find that the opportunity to study these brief articles will significantly strengthen your knowledge of the language(s) that you habitually use.


Iste blog presenta articulos breve in language clar e simple sur un varietate de themas de interesse general de fontes de novas contemporanee que pote trovar se in Internet. Le prime version es in interlingua; le secunde version es in un de su linguas fonte vivente (anglese, francese italiano, e espaniol/portugese, considerate como un sol lingua).

Si vos vole, vos pote leger iste articulos solmente pro le information que illos contene. Io spera tamen que vos los usara pro le studio comparative de interlingua, su linguas fonte, e le anglese. Si vos usa le textos de iste sito de iste maniera, vos trovara que vostre cognoscimentos de interlingua e su linguas fonte continuara a crescer.

Vos anque apprendera a exprimer vos clar- e simplemente in le lingua o linguas que vos generalmente usa. Si un del linguas fonte de interlingua es vostre lingua native, vos anque trovara que le opportunitate de studiar iste articulos breve significantemente augmentara vostre cognoscimentos del lingua(s) que vos usa habitualmente.

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