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Le exorcista del Vaticano es un sclavo periculose al mythologia christian.

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Le patre Gabriele Amorth e Marco Tosatti, le jornalista qui defende su carriera medieval, es ambe sclavos al superstitiones del religions abrahamic que ha causate tante miseria trans le seculos in guerras religiose e in institutiones como le Inquisition del Ecclesia Catholic Roman e ha provocate le abandono del christianitate inter crescente numeros de europeos. (A causa de su colonisation per grandissime numeros de fanaticos religiose, le Statos Unite totevia ha multe adherentes al christianitate qui ha un considerabile quantitate de influentia politic, que, pro multe europeos e unes americanos, es alique completemente ridicule e difficile a comprender.)

In le passato, possession per le Diabolo, pro exemplo, ha essite le explication pro le causas de maladias psychologic, le quales on nunc comprende es sovente le producto de aberrationes in e systema chimic del cerebro. E le Ecclesia anque ha accusate gente qui es in disaccordo con su theologia superstitiose de esser possedite per le Diabolo, quando illes ha solmente essite advocatos de altere systemas theologic equalmente superstitiose.

Problemas de heresia anque pote occurrer in systemas secular quasi-religiose. In annos plus recente, le comissars del Union Sovietic ha incarcerate dissidentes contra lor systema involuntariemente in hospitales psychiatric proque illes insisteva que tal personas suffreva de maladias mental.

Le patre Amorth anque dice que il ha cardenales in le Ecclesia que non crede in Christo o in le theologia catholic. Isto, sin dubito, es ver. Il ha alicun personas intelligente in le Curia qui ha arrivate al conclusion que lor systema de theologia medieval es un collection de superstitiones indefensibile ma qui non ha ulle maniera de superviver foras del Ecclesia. Mesmo le Matre Teresa alicun annos ante morir perdeva su fide in Deo. In despecto de isto, illa heroicamente continuava su travalio pro le povres del mundo.

Le ritual de exorcismo es un specie de tortura vergoniose simile al torturas del Inquisition mesme. In le Statos Unite, un patre protestante in Arizona ante unes annos occideva su filia durante un exorcismo e postea esseva processate pro homicidio.

Obviemente, le patre Amorth anque crede que personas gay es possedite per le Diabolo e le cura pro illes anque es le exorcismo. Le homosexualitate nunc es recognoscite per le psychiatras e psychologos clinic del Statos Unite como un practica valide intra le limites del comportimento sexual normal del humanitate e non alique diabolicamente inspirate o un aberration que pote esser curate per tractamento psychotherapeutic proque, tout simplement, illo non es un maladia.

Amorth e Tosatti (e multe protestantes in le Statos Unite) anque ha criticate le libros sur Harry Potter como periculose. Illos non es plus periculose que storias o films que joca con altere systemas mythologic.

Lo que es periculose es le convictiones religiose de Amorth e Tosatti mesme e de idiotas como le protestante american Pat Robertson, qui recentemente diceva que le seismo in Haiti probava que Deo ha condemnate le practicas religiose e social del haitaianos.

Pro multes, il non es necesse notar que le tectonica, un parte del geologia, nunc explica multo ben le mechanismos que causa nostre seismos, le quales es le movimento nostre places continental e lor interactiones inter se. Illos non ha ullo a vider con causas supernatural.

In despecto del comprension del scientia del causas natural de multe phenomenos physic que anteriormente on considerava le producto de actiones per deos de diverse tipos, le superstition religiose continua a attraher multe adherentes, causante multe miseria que vade desde sclavitude psychologic al guerras religiose que totevia afflige le mundo contemporanee, specialmente in le Medie Oriente e in India.

Iste dies Europa anque debe confrontar un nove periculo de su population musulman, que comencia a luctar activemente contra le neutralitate religiose de su cultura contemporanee, specialmente in Anglaterra, Hollanda, Danmark, e Svedia. In le Statos Unite, nostre musulmanes generalmente se comporta rationabilemente proque illes es solmente un parve parte de nostre population. Ma si, que nos dice, 20% de nostre population esseva musulman, nos haberea le mesme problemas que comencia a affliger Europa seriemente.

Il es importante notar un altere vice que le cathedral de Haiti esseva destruite e un Obispo senior del pais anque moriva in le seismo recente que affligeva ille pais. Usante le logica de Roberts e altere simile idiotas, il es possibile concluder que Deo anque ha condemnate le theologia e le practicas del Ecclesia Catholic Roman mesme, includente le Padre Amorth mesme e su amico jornalista, Marco Tosatti, e que illes anque ha essite condemnate al Inferno.

Illes non ha essite condemnate al Inferno, naturalmente, ma illes totevia merita multo ben le contempto odiose de omnes qui se ha liberate del sclavitude religiose!


The Vatican exorcist is a dangerous slave to Christian mythology.

Father Gabriele Amorth and Marco Tosatti, the journalist who defends his medieval career, are both slaves to the superstitions of the Abrahamic religions that have caused so much misery through the centuries in religious wars and in institutions such as the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church and provoked the abandonment of Christianity among growing numbers of Europeans. (Because of its colonization by large numbers of religious fanatics, the United States still has a lot of adherents to Christianity who have a considerable amount of political influence, which, for many Europeans and some Americans, is something utterly ridiculous and difficult to understand.)

In the past, possession by the Devil, for example, has been the explanation for the causes of psychological illnesses, which, it is now known, are often the product of aberrations in the chemical system of the brain. And the Church has also accused people who disagree with its superstitious theology of being possessed by the Devil, when they have only been advocates of other theological systems that are equally superstitious.

Problemas of heresy can also occur in quasi-religious secular systems. In more recent years, the comissars of the Soviet Union have involuntarily imprisoned dissidents against their system in psychiatric hospitals because they insisted that such people suffered from mental illnesses.

Father Amorth also says that there are cardinals in the Church who don’t believe in Christ or in Catholic theology. This, without doubt, is true. There are some intelligent people in the Curia who have arrived at the conclusion that their medieval system of theology is a collection of indefensible superstitions but who have no way of surviving outside the Church. Even Mother Teresa lost her faith in God some years before she died. In spite of this, she heroically continued her work for the poor people of the world.

The ritual of exorcism is a kind of shameful torture similar to the tortures of the Inquisition itself. In the United States, a protestant father in Arizona a few years ago killed his daughter during an exorcism and was afterward tried for murder.

Obviously, Father Amorth also believes that gay people are possessed by the Devil and the cure for them is exorcism. Homosexuality is now recognized by the psychiatrists and clinical psychologists of the United States as a valid practice within the limits of the normal sexual behavior of humanity and not something that is diabolically inspired or an aberration that can be cured by psychotherapeutic treatment because, quite simply, it is not a disease.

Amorth e Tosatti (and many protestants in the United States) have also criticized the books on Harry Potter as dangerous. They are no more dangerous than stories or films that play with other mythological systems.

What is dangerous are the religious convictions of Amorth and Tosatti themselves and of idiots like the American protestant Pat Robertson, who recently said that the earthquake in Haiti proved that God has condemned the religious and social practices of the Haitians.

For many, it is not necessary to note that plate tectonics, a part of geology, now explains quite well the mechanisms that causes our earthquakes, which is the movement of our continental plates and their interactions among themselves. They have nothing to do with supernatural causes.

Despite the understanding of science of the natural causes of a lot of physical phenomena that used to be considered the product of actions by gods of various kinds, religious superstition continues to attract many adherents, causing a lot of misery that ranges from psychological slavery to religious wars that still afflict the contemporary world, especially in the Middle East and India.

These days Europe also has to confront a new danger from its Muslim population, which is starting to fight actively against the religious neutrality of its contemporary culture, especially in England, Holland, France, Denmark, and Sweden. In the United States, our Muslims generally behave reasonably because they are a small part of our population. But if, let’s say, 20% of our population were Muslim, we would have the same problems that are starting to seriously afflict Europe.

It is important to note once again that Haiti’s cathedral was destroyed and a senior bishop of the country also died in the recent earthquake that afflicted that country. Using the logic of Roberts and other similar idiots, it is possible to conclude that God also has condemned the theology and practices of the Roman Catholic Church itself, including Padre Amorth himself and his journalist friend, Marco Tosatti, and that they have also been condemned to Hell.

They have not been condemned to hell, of course, but they still quite richly deserve the loathing contempt of everyone who has been liberated from religious slavery!

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