Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gordon Brown appoia derectos gay.

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Le prime ministro britannic, Gordon Brown, recentemente exprimeva su appoio pro gays in su responsas a un serie de questiones presentate pro lectores de .

"Io es fer del historia del appoio pro derectos gay per recente governamentos britannic," scribeva Brown. "Io crede que nostre progresso usque nunc ha essite excellente. Pro exemplo, nos ha nullificate multe leges antigay in le Regno Unite e ha illegalisate le discrimination contra omnes a causa de lor orientation sexual. Io pote promitter que mi governamento continuara a facer omne lo que illo pote pro augmentar le tolerantia e le libertate social in le Regno Unite."

Brown diceva que ille esseva "multo fer de appoiar publicamente un lege que recognosce le derectos marital de omne copulas gay."

E ille diceva que su governamento "ha annunciate un strategia international pro promover derectos gay in altere paises, includente effortios pro incoragiar le decriminalisation del homosexualitate".

Finalmente, le prime ministro ha promittite "combatter aggressivemente assaultos sur studentes gay in scholas britannic e discrimination contra travaliatores a causa de lor orientation sexual."


Gordon Brown supports gay rights.

The British prime minister, Gordon Brown, recently expressed his support for gays in his responses to a series of questions presented by readers (Pink News readers).

"I am proud of the history of support for gay rights by recent British governments," Brown wrote. "I believe that our progress up to now has been excellent. For example, we have repealed many antigay laws and have made it illegal to discriminate against everyone because of their sexual orientation. I can promise that my government will continue to do everything it can to increase tolerance and social liberty in the United Kingdom."

Brown said that he was "very proud of publicly supporting a law that recognizes marriage/marital rights for all gay couples."

And he said that his government "has announced an international strategy to promote gay rights in other countries, including efforts to encourage the decriminalization of homosexuality."

Finally, the prime minister has promised "to aggressively combat assaults on gay students in British schools and discrimination against workers because of their sexual orientation."

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