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Le scientia e le mormones

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Le mormones es un secta religiose que emergeva ex le christianitate in le Statos Unite in le seculo dece none. Illes addeva al Biblia lor proprie scriptura, le Libro de Mormon, traducite per Joseph Smith ex un texto original in un lingua que ille appellava le egyptiano reformate. Secundo le mythologia del mormones, in 1827 le angelo Moroni dava a Smith iste textos, le quales esseva inscribite sur tabulas auree. Smith poteva comprender los sin apprender lor lingua per le magica divin de duo lentes special que ille usava pro leger los durante que ille los traduceva.

Smith e su adherentes esseva persequite per christianos traditional qui les obligava a viagiar lentemente con grandissime sacrificios usque illes arrivava a Utah, un stato american, ubi lor descendentes domina le vita religiose e social de iste stato american.

Secundo le mormones, le indios del Americas veniva ex Egypto ante plus que 2.000 (duo mille) annos. Illes usava iste mytho pro converter multe indios a lor religion. "On nos inseniava que omne le benedictiones de nostre ancestres hebree e egyptian nos faceva un populo special," diceva Jose A. Loyaza, un homine de leges in Salt Lake City, le capital de Utah. "E iste identitate nos dava un senso de affiliation transcendental, un identitate con Deo." Ma Loyaza gradualmente apprendeva que il habeva un altere ironia ultragiose in su fide.

Ille rejectava su religion post apprender que evidentia providite per ADN in studios comparative inter le indios american e le asianos probava conclusivemente que le humanos original qui migrava al Americas non veniva ex le Medie Oriente ma ex Asia.

Pro le mormones, iste confirmation genetic del origine del indios del Americas es un collision fundamental del scientia contra le religion. Illo es in un conflicto directe con le Libro de Mormon, le qual, secundo lor religion, es un obra historic completemente sin error que on debe interpretar litteralmente.

Le Libro de Mormon anque es fundamentalmente raciste. Illo narra que un tribo de hebreos de Hierusalem vadeva al Americas in 600 B.C. e se divideva a in duo gruppos, le nephitas e le lamanitas. Le nephitas portava le "ver" religion al nove mundo e esseva in conflicto constante con le lamanitas, qui practicava le idolatria. Le nephitas esseva blanc (in 1980 le mormones cambiava iste parola a "pur"), e le Lamanitas recipeva de Deo le "malediction de nigritia".

Le Libro de Mormon anque narra que in 385 A.D. le Lamanitas exterminava omne le altere hebreos e deveniva le ancestres principal del indios american. Ma le mormones insista que si le lamanitas retornava al "ver" religion (le mormonismo, naturalmente), lor pelle eventualmente devenirea blanc como le pelle del Nephitas que lor ancestres habeva exterminate.

Ma in despecto de iste ultragiose insultos raciste, multe indios e polynesios (qui anque, secundo le mormones, es le descendentes del lamanitas) converteva al mormanismo in vice de dicer al mormones que illes pote facer se futuer. (Iste conversos, per alicun mechanismo perverse del psychologia human, es como prestres homosexual qui appoia le ecclesia catholic roman o altere gente gay qui appoia ulle tipo de christianitate.)

"Le fiction que io esseva un lamanita," diceva Damon Kali, un homine de leges in Sunnyvale, California, cuje ancestres veniva de insulas polynesian, "esseva le principal ration que io converteva al mormonismo." Ille habeva essite un missionario pro le mormones ante que ille discoperiva que evidentia genetic probava que le lamanitas esseva solmente un mytho religiose, e ille non poteva continuar su effortios pro converter alteres al mormonismo.

Officialmente le ecclesia mormon insista que nullo in le Libro de Mormon es incompatibile con le evidentia genetic. Alicun mormones nunc dice que le levitas esseva un parve gruppo de hebreos que vadeva al America Central e post multe generationes de maritar se con le indigenas que illes incontrava, lor ADN hebree disappareva in le ADN de lor vicinos.

In 2002, functionarios del ecclesia comenciava un processo pro excommunicar Thomas W. Murphy, un professor de anthropologia a Edmonds Community College in Washington, un stato american al nordwest extreme del Statos Unite continental.

Le processo contra ille attraheva multe attention in le medios de communication public del Statos Unite, que se rideva del ecclesia e insisteva que Murphy esseva le Galileo del mormonismo. Le contempto general provocate per iste publicitate embarrassava seriemente le functionarios del ecclesia, e illes faceva halto al processo.


Science and the Mormons

The Mormons are a religious sect that emerged from Christianity in the United States in the Nineteenth Century. They added to the Bible their own scripture, the Book of Mormon, translated by Joseph Smith from an original text in a language he called Reformed Egyptian. According to the mythology of the Mormons, in 1827 the angel Moroni gave Smith these texts, which were engraved on golden tables. Smith could understand them without learning their language through the divine magic of two special lenses that he used to read them while he translated them.

Smith and his followers were persecuted by traditional Christians, who forced them to travel slowly and with great sacrifices until they reached what is now Utah, where their descendants dominate the religious and social life of this American state.

According to the Mormons, the Indians of the Americas came from Egypt more than 2,000 (two thousand) years ago. They used this myth to convert many Indians to their religion. "We were taught that all the blessings of our Hebrew ancestors made us a special people," said Jose a Loyaza, a lawyer in Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah. "And this identity gave us a sense of transcendental affiliation, a special identity with God." But Loyaza gradually learned that there was another outrageous irony to his faith.

He rejected his religion after learning that evidence provided by comparative DNA studies between American Indians and Asians conclusively proved that the first humans that migrated to the Americas came not from the Middle East but from Asia.

For the Mormons this genetic confirmation of the origin of the Indians in the Americas is a fundamental collision of science against religion. It is in direct conflict with the Book of Mormon, which, according to their religion, is a completely error-free historical work that must be interpreted literally.

The Book of Mormon is also fundamentally racist. It narrates that a tribe of Hebrews from Jeruselem went to the Americas in 600 B.C. and split up into two groups, the Nephites and the Lamanites. The Nephites carried the "true" religion to the new world and were in constant conflict with the Lamanites, who practiced idolatry. The Nephites were white (in 1980 the Mormons changed the word to "pure"), and the Lamanites received from God "The curse of blackness."

The Book of Mormon also narrates that in 385 A.D. the Lamanites exterminated all the other Hebrews and became the principal ancestors of the American Indians. But the Mormons insist that if the Lamanites returned to the "true" religion (Mormonism, quite naturally), their skin would eventually become white like the skin of the Nephites that their ancestors had exterminated.

But despite these outrageous racist insults, many Indians and Polynesians (who also, according to the Mormons, are the descendants of the Lamanites) converted to Mormonism instead of telling the Mormons to go fuck themselves. (Through some perverse mechanism in human psychology, these converts are like homosexual priests who support the Roman catholic church or other gay people who support any type of Christianity.)

"The fiction that I was a Lamanite," said Damon Kali, a lawyer in Sunnyvale, California, whose ancestors came from Polynesian islands, "was the principal reason that I converted to Mormonism." He had been a missionary for the Mormans before he discovered that genetic evidence proved that the Lamanites were only a religious myth, and he could not continue his efforts to convert others to Mormonism.

Officially the Mormon church insists that nothing in the Book of Mormon is incompatible with the genetic evidence. Some Mormons are now saying that the Levites were a small group of Hebrews that went to Central America and after many generations of marrying with the natives they met, their Hebrew DNA disappeared into the DNA of their neighbors.

In 2002, officers of the church started a trial to excommunicate Thomas W. Murphy, a professor of anthropology at Edmonds Community College in Washington, an American state at the extreme northwest of the continental United States.

His trial attracted a lot of attention in the American public communications media, which ridiculed the church and insisted that Murphy was the Galileo of Mormonism. The general contempt provoked by this publicity seriously embarrassed the officers of the church, and they stopped the trial.

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