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Le Dole Food Company e su obreros in Nicaragua

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Tribunales american mova contra le Dole Food Company, que sterilisava su obreros in Nicaragua, e un compania que mina carbon es accusate de assassinar synicalistas in Colombia.

Post quasi tres decadas de litigation, un processo legal ha comenciate in un tribuna legal de Los Angeles inter obreros latinoamerican e duo ex le corporationes american le plus grande. Iste caso es le prime in un tribunal american que involve damnos a obreros in paises foras del Statos Unite. Generalmente nostre cortes insista que tal casos debe esser processate in lor paises de origine.

Dole Food Company exponeva alicunes de su obreros nicaraguan a un pesticida fabricate per le Dow Chemical Company que causa le sterilitate permanente.

Le pesticida es DBCP, o sia dibromochloropropana, considerate ante 30 (trenta) annos un substantia chimic miraculose que poteva destruer vermes microscopic in le terra, le quales habeva destruite le recoltas agricole del region pro un periodo de centenares de annos.

Un fabrica del Occidental Petroleum Corporation misceva DBCP con altere ingredientes in su fabrica in Lathrop, California pro producer un nove pesticida. In 1977 (mille nove centos septanta [e] septe), examinationes medic revelava que circa (trenta e sex) obreros del planta habeva devenite sterile a causa de lor exposition a DBCP. Sex ex illes comenciava un caso legal contra le compania e ganiava $4,9 milliones de dolares a causa de lor processo legal contra Occidental.

In un secunde caso legal, un compania in le stato american Alabama que mina carbon es accusate de usar organisationes paramilitar in Colombia pro occider syndicalistas qui voleva organisar le obreros del compania. Le compania, naturalmente, nega iste accusation.


American courts are moving against the Dole Food Company, which sterilized its workers in Nicaragua, and a coal-mining company is accused of killing union organizers in Colombia.

After almost three decades of litigation, a trial has begun in a Los Angeles courtroom pitting Latin American workers against two of the largest American corporations. This case is the first in an American court that involves damages to workers in countries outside the United States. Generally our courts insist that such cases should be tried in their countries of origin.

Dole Food Company exposed some of its Nicaraguan workers to a pesticide made by Dow Chemical Company that causes permanent sterility.

The pesticide is DBCP, or dibromochloropropane, considered thirty years ago a miracle chemical that could destroy microscopic worms in the soil which had destroyed agricultural crops in the region for a period of hundreds of years.

An Occidental Petroleum plant mixed DBCP with other ingredients in its factory in Lathrop, California, to produce a new pesticide. In 1977 (nineteen seventy-seven) medical examinations revealed that around thirty-six workers in the plant had become sterile because of their exposure to DBCP. Six of them sued the company and won $4.9 million dollars because of their lawsuit against Occidental.

In a second legal case, an Alabama coal-mining company is accused of using paramilitary organizations in Colombia to kill labor unionists who wanted to organize the company's workers. The company, naturally, denies this accusation.

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