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Racismo inter latinoamericanos

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Sentimentos de racismo contra afroamericanos non es un vitio solmente de euroamericanos. Latinoamericanos anque ha simile sentimentos contra nostre population de origine african.

Tumultos inter latinos e negros es assatis commun in le prisiones de California, e bandas de latinos juvene (multes de lor membros ha solmente 12 [dece duo] annos de etate) occide negros juvene assatis sovente. Augmentante numeros de latinos nunc occupa vicinitates in Los Angeles traditionalmente afroamerican. Quando lor numeros es sufficientemente grande, illes, a vices multo violentemente, essaya a expeller ex "lor" territorio le residentes afroamerican qui se habeva estabilite illac ante multe annos.

Multes non comprende pro que tal animositate existe proque iste duo minoritates possede in commun le mesme deprivationes socioeconomic infligite sur illes per euroamericanos. Traditionalmente, on ha atribuite iste hostilitate a competition economic in un mercato de travalio que deveni de plus in plus restringite proque le population de India e China nunc face lo que nostre travaliatores domestic generalmente faceva ante unes decadas.

Alteres ha dicite que nostre latinos ha apprendite de nostre population de euroamericanos lor proprie sentimentos de racismo o que nostre afroamericanos resenti que le nove derectos civil e social que illes habeva ganiate inter 1960 e 1979 con lor proprie sanguine nunc se applica automaticamente a latinos, qui non luctava con illes durante ille epocha de nostre historia.

Ben que il pote haber un certe quantitate de veritate in iste speculationes, illos non pote explicar le severitate de iste violentia interethnic.

Le realitate es que racismo contra gente de origine african es quasi universal in Latino America, specialmente in le area del mar caribe. Plus que 90% (novanta pro cento) del 10 milliones de africanos qui habeva essite sequestrate in le Africa occidental e portate al Americas remaneva in le area del Mar Caribe, durante que inter 4 e 5 (quatro e cinque) pro cento de illes esseva transportate al Statos Unite.

In 1973 (mille septe centos novanta e tres), le Mexico colonial habeva un population de 370.000 (tres centos septanta mille) africanos e descendentes de africanos--le concentration le plus grande in omne le America hispanic.

Iste circumstantia promoveva le racismo inter latinos. E in Latinoamerica personas con pelle plus clar habeva, e etiam nunc ha, melior opportunitates socioeconomic que persons con pelle plus nigre. Tristemente le opportunitate pro personas cuje origine es obviemente african es strictemente restringite.

Le mexicanos de origine african, qui forma circa 1% (un pro cento) del population, reporta que le policia local e del statos mexican regularmente les abusa, secundo studios de Antonieta Gimeno, de Mount Holyoke College, e Sagrario Cruz-Carretero del Universitate de Veracruz. E como in le Statos Unite, le uso del parola "nigre" sovente vole dicer "fede" o "mal".

Iste prejudicios es obvie anque in le politica mexican. Cuautemoc Cardenas, le granfilio de un popularissime presidente de Mexico qui nationalisava su industria de petroleo, quasi perdeva un election a causa del politicas antiafrican de su opponente, Alfredo Anaya, qui insisteva que "il ha inter nos un grandissime desiro de esser governate per nostre proprie racia, per nostre proprie populo", ben que Cardenas mesme/ipse es un mestizo como le major parte del mexicanos. Ma, infelicemente, ille ha un sponsa afrocuban.

A causa de omne isto, il non es surprendente que migrantes de Mexico e de altere partes de Latinoamerica e del mar Caribe arriva al Statos Unite con sentimentos de racismo multo simile a illo del euroamericanos--e que lor prole anque apprende iste sentimentos de lor patres.

Studios sociologic indica que, ironicamente, afroamericanos, le quales, on dice, es multo hostil al latinoamericanos, ha demonstrate que illes es assatis ben disponite a cooperar con le latinos e formar coalitiones politic con illes. Ma multes de nostre latinos, in despecto del interesses socioeconomic possedite in commun per le duo gruppos ethnic, non vole acciper nostre population african como amicos e cameradas.

Que pote on dicer? Omne isto es completemente futuite!


Racism among Latin Americans

Feelings of racism against African Americans is not only a white people's vice. Latin Americans also have similar feelings against our population of African origin.

Riots between latinos and blacks are rather common in California prisons, and latino youth gangs, many of whose members are only twelve years old, kill young blacks rather often. Increasing numbers of latinos now occupy neighborhoods in Los Angeles that have been traditionally African American. When their numbers are large enough they, at times quite violently, try to expel from "their" territory the African American residents that had established themselves there many years ago.

Many do not understand why such animosity exists because these two minorities share the same socioeconomic deprivations inflicted on them by white Americans. Traditionally this hostility has been attributed to economic competition in a labor market that is becoming more and more restricted because the population of India and China is now doing what our domestic workers generally did a few decades ago.

Others have said that our latinos have learned from our population of white people their own feelings of racism and that our African Americans resent that the new civil and social rights that they had earned between 1969 and 1979 with their own blood are now being automatically applied to latinos, who did not fight with them during that period of our history.

Though there can be a certain amount of truth in these speculations, they cannot explain the severity of this interethnic violence.

The reality is that racism against people of African origin is almost universal in Latin America, especially in the Caribbean area. More than 90% (ninety percent) of the ten million Africans that had been kidnapped in western Africa and shipped to the Americas remained in the Caribbean area, while between four and five percent of them were transported to the United States.

In 1973 (nineteen seventy-three), colonial Mexico had a population of 370,000 (three hundred seventy thousand) Africans and descendants of Africans--the largest concentration in all of Hispanic America.

This circumstance promoted racism among latinos. And in Latin America people with lighter skin had, and even now have, better socioeconomic opportunities than people with darker skin. Unfortunately, opportunity for people whose origin is obviously African are heavily limited.

Mexicans of African origin, who form around one percent of the population, report that the local and state police of Mexico regularly abuse them, according to studies by Antonieta Gimeno, from Mount Holyoke College, and Sagrario Cruz-Carretero of the University of Veracruz. And as in the United States, the use of the word "black" often means "ugly" or "bad."

These prejudices are also obvious in Mexican politics. Cuautemoc Cardenas, the grandson of a very popular president of Mexico who nationalized its petroleum industry, almost lost an election because his opponent, Alfredo Anaya, insisted that "there is a very large desire among us to be governed by our own race, by our own people," even though Cardenas himself is a mestizo like most Mexicans. Unfortunately, however, he has an Afro-Cuban wife.

Because of all this, it is not surprising that migrants from Mexico and of other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean area arrive in the United States with feelings of racism that are very similar to the ones felt by white Americans--and that their children also learn these feelings from their parents.

Sociological studies indicate that, ironically, African Americans, who, it is said, are very hostile to Latin Americans, have shown that they are quite willing to cooperate with latinos and form political coalitions with them. But many of our latinos, despite the common socioeconomic interests of the two ethnic groups, do not want to accept our black population as friends and comrades.

What can you say? All this is utterly fucked up!

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