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Elephantes appare post 300 annos.

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India: Pro un periodo de 300 (tres centos) annos, nulle elephantes habeva vivite in Andra Pradesch. Ma in martio, 1984, un grege de septe ab le stato de Karnataka entrava a in le foreste de Kuppam del districto Chittoor.

Iste foreste coperi partes de tres statos: Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, e Karnataka. Post que arrivava le elephantes, le populo local deveniva multo felice que lor Deo elephante, senior Vighnesvara o Vinayaka, inviava su representantes terrestrial al village.

Habente vidite elephantes in circuses o sur films, omnes, in un explosion de devotion, se approchava a illos, offerente cocos. Infelicemente, unes vinti septe personas era occidite in un responsa aggressive del grege. On debe dicer in defensa del animales que illos nunquam habeva habite contacto human in circos o projectos de cinema e non habeva ulle cognoscientia de lor position in le religion de iste devotos naive.

Le grege tunc recipeva reinfortiamentos. Su numero cresceva a 42 (quaranta duo) e le ultime reportos indica que illos non presta attention al propaganda governmental concernente le limitation de familias a duo infantes.

Iste elephantes generalmente remane in le forestes. Ma occasionalmente, cercante canna de sucro, bananas, e mangos, illos erra in le region Kuppam-Palamaner. Illos attaca anque altere villages in tentativas de trovar alimentos, e illos occide le personas qui los oppone.

Un del methodos recommendate a terrer los era facer focos artificial. Ma presto, le elephantes apprendeva que illos faceva un ruito innocue. Alora le inhabitantes del region curreva a functionarios del Departimento de Forestes, qui disveloppava un plano pro eriger un palissada electric del longitude de 100 (cento) kilometros. Solmente le medietate del palissada era construite proque illes non habeva le moneta necesse pro completar le projecto.

Infelicemente, a causa del carentia de energia electric, le palissada era sin utilitate le major parte del tempore. E quando le lineas era infundite de energia, le elephantes viagiava longe distantias usque illos trovava lacunas in le barriera que los permitteva entrar in le villages. De plus, quando le palissada non era electrificate, illos simplemente lo attacava e demoliva.

In despecto de iste problemas, il ha devenite plus facile controlar le chassa prohibite e le abattamento illegal del arbores, proque le pachydermos ipse vigila le richessas del foreste.


India: For a period of 300 (three hundred) years, no elephants had lived in Andra Pradesch. But in March, 1984, a herd of seven from the state of Karnataka came into the forest of Kuppam in the Chittoor district.

This forest covers parts of three states: Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnatak. After the elephants arrived, the local populace then became very happy that their elephant god, Master Vighnesvara or Vinayaka, sent his earthly representatives to the village.

Having seen elephants in circuses or on film, everyone, in an explosion of devotion, approached them offering coconuts. Unfortunately, some twenty-seven people were killed in an aggressive response by the herd. It should be said in defense of the animals that they had never had human contact in circuses or movie projects and had no knowledge of their position in the religion of these naive worshipers.

The herd then received reinforcements. Their number increased to forty-two, and the latest reports indicate that they pay no attention to government propaganda about limiting the size of families to two children.

These elephants generally remain in the forests. But occasionaly, in search of sugar cane, bananas, and mangos, they roam the region of Kuppam-Palamaner. They also attack other villages in attempts to find food, and they kill the people who oppose them.

One of the recommended ways of frightening them was through fireworks. But soon the elephants learned that they made only harmless noise. Then the people of the area ran to officials in the Department of Forests, who developed a plan to build an electric fence one hundred kilometers long. Only half of the fence was built because they did not have the necessary funds/money to complete the project.

Unfortunately, because of a shortage of electricity, the fence was useless for most of the time. And when the lines were charged, the elephants traveled long distances until they found gaps in this barrier that allowed them to enter the villages. Also, when the fence was not electrified, they simply attacked and demolished it.

Despite these problems, it has become easier to control poaching and the illegal felling of trees, since the pachyderms themselves take care of the wealth of the forest.

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