Monday, January 12, 2009

Le neanderthales e le homines moderne

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SUA: Le homine neanderthal viveva durante miles de annos latere a latere con homines moderne in Europa, secundo un equipa de scientistas francese. Illes pensa que le neanderthales e nos habeva contacto, e que le duo species de homines forsan excambiava utensiles e ideas--e, possibilemente, mesmo certe genes.

In un cavo francese iste equipa discoperiva utensiles de flint que provide evidentia que le neanderthales mesmo viveva ante circa 36.000 (trenta six mille) annos. Usque ora on credeva que le neanderthales dispareva ante circa 40.000 (quarante mille) annos, quando le homines moderne primo occupava le territorios ubi illes viveva. Anthropologos in le Statos Unite trova iste discoperta multo interessante.

Durante annos le anthropologos ha debattite tres explicationes pro le extinction del neanderthales. Alicunes crede que illes esseva exterminate per le homines moderne. Alteres crede que le duo species de homine esseva cruciate e que le neanderthales esseva geneticamente eradicate. Un tertie gruppo de anthropologos crede que le neanderthales simplemente se evolveva al homine moderne.

Le neanderthales differeva del homines moderne in plure manieras. Illes esseva plus basse que nos e con plus de capillos. Illes habeva grande manos e pedes e un musculatura imponente. Illes non esseva gigantes intellectual, ma illes disveloppava methodos pro superviver inter glacieros durante le etate de glacie. Illes chassava, maestrava le foco, e, secundo omne signos, practicava un forma de religion.


USA: Neanderthal man lived for millions of years side by side with modern man in Europe, according to a team of French scientists. They think that we and the Neanderthals had contact and that the two species of man perhaps exchanged tools and ideas--and, possibily, even certain genes.

In a French cave this team discovered flint tools providing evidence that the Neanderthals even lived about 36,000 (thirty-six thousand) years ago. Up to now, it was believed that the Neanderthals disappeared about 40,000 (forty thousand) years ago, when modern man first occupied the territories where they lived. Anthropologists in the United States find this discovery very interesting.

For years anthropologists have debated about three explanations for the extinction of the Neanderthals. Some believe that they were exterminated by modern man. Others believe that the two species of men interbred and that the Neanderthals were genetically eradicated. A third group of anthropologists believes that the Neanderthals simply evolved into modern man.

The Neanderthals differed from modern men in several ways. They were shorter than we are and had more hair. They had large hands and feet and imposing musculature. They were not intellectual giants, but they developed methods for surviving among glaciers in the ice age. They hunted, mastered fire, and, according to all signs, practiced a form of religion.

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