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Quatro questiones pro le musulmanes del mundo

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Le tensiones in Europa causate per musulmanes provoca questiones serie per gente liberal secular, le quales demanda responsas ex musulmanes moderate qui vole viver in pace in paises con un diversitate de culturas. Ecce 4(quatro) de illos:

(1) Protestas contra le uso de bombatores sucida es rarissime. Vos es como le christianos moderate qui oppone le persecution del homosexuales del mundo ma qui non osa denunciar le christianos conservative qui advoca nostre persecution e exclusion social.

Nos vide le tortura e le homicidio in le nomine de Allah, ma nos non vide ulle demonstrationes contra le actos de tortura e homicidio de vostre coreligionarios radical.

Il ha[un mille milliones]/[un billion]) de musulmanes in le mundo. Como pote il esser possibile que essentialmente nulles ex illes ha montate demonstrationes contra le males de Islam? Isto es specialmente ver in paises europee. Que debe concluder de tal passivitate personas de bon voluntate qui non es musulman?

Quando le governamento israeli non haltava in 1962(mille nove centos sexanta [e] duo) un massacre lebanese de palestinos in le campos pro refugiatos in Sabra e Chatilla in ille pais, multissime judeos protestava iste lapso moral del governamento israeli. E crescente numeros de americanos nunc protesta le crimines de guerra e le actos de lesa humanitate per nostre proprie governamento federal post su invasion de Iraq. Proque non ha il habite ulle demonstrationes comparabile per le musulmanes del mundo contra le actos de terror de lor coreligionarios radical?

(2) Proque es 47(quaranta [e] septe) paises musulman despotismos o semidespotismos(le sol exception es Mali)? Secundo Freedom House in Washington, 60%(sexanta procento) es completemente despotic e 37%(trenta [e] septe procento) es semidespotic, con multo limitate libertates social.

(3) Proque ha il tante atrocitates e menacias de atrocitates per musulmanes in le nomine de Allah? Pueras juvene in Indonesia, pro exemplo, ha essite decapitate per assassinos musulman.

In 2004(duo mille quatro), altere musulmanes, in le nomine de lor religion, occideva centenares de pupillos russe durante que illes studiava in lor scholas.

Multe feminas juvene musulman sovente es assassinate per membros de lor proprie familias proque illas vole maritar se con le juvenes que illas ama, non con juvenes musulman selegite per lor familias.

(4) Qual es le ration que paises musulman perseque altere religiones? Nulle ecclesia o synagoga pote exister, pro exemplo, in le Arabia Saudi.

E le talibanes destrueva unes ex le plus importante sculpturas del mundo ancian proque illos esseva buddhiste, exactemente como le le christianos destrueva le bibliotecas del aborigines in lo que nunc es Mexico e Guatemala.

In vice de confrontar iste problemas, quasi omne vos nega lor existentia. Centenares de milliones de personas qui non es musulman vole responsas honeste a iste questiones, mesmo si vos solmente pote dicer "Si, vos ha ration, nos ha problemas sever in Islam". Isto esserea multo melio que dimitter nos como antimusulmanes.


Four Questions for the Muslims of the World

The tensions in Europe caused by muslims provoke serious questions by liberal secular people, who demand answers from moderate muslims who want to live in peace in countries with a diversity of cultures. Here are four of these questions:

(1) Why are you so quiet? Protests against the use of suicide bombers are incredibly rare. You are like the moderate Christians who oppose the persecution of the homosexuals of the world but who cannot bring themselves to denounce the conservative Christians who advocate our persecution and social exclusion.

We see torture and murder in the name of Allah, but we don't see any demonstrations against the acts of torture and homicide by your radical coreligionists.

There are 1,000,000,000(one billion) Muslims in the world. How can it be possible that essentially none of them have mounted demonstrations against the evils of Islam? This is especially true in European countries. What should people of goodwill who are non-Muslim conclude from such passivity?

When the Israeli government did not stop in 1962(nineteen sixty-two) a lebanese massacre of Palestinians living in refugee camps in that country, Many Jews protested this moral lapse by the Israeli government. And growing numbers of Americans are now protesting the war crimes and the acts of lèse humanité by our own Federal government after its invasion of Iraq. Why haven't there been any comparable demonstrations by the Muslims of the world against the acts of terror by their radical coreligionists?

(2) Why are forty-seven Muslim countries despotisms or semidespotisms(the only exception is Mali)? According to Freedom House in Washington, sixty percent are completely despotic and thirty-seven percent are semidespotic, with greatly limited social liberties.

(3) Why are there so many atrocities and threats of atrocities by Muslims in the name of Allah? Young girls in Indonesia, for example, have been beheaded by Muslim murderers.

In 2004(two thousand four), other Muslims, in the name of their religion, killed hundreds of Russian school children while they were studying in their schools.

Many young women who are Muslim are often killed by their own family members because they want to get married to the young men they love, not to young Muslim men chosen by their families.

(4) What is the reason that Muslim countries persecute other religions? No church or synagogue is allowed to exist, for example, in Saudi Arabia.

And the Taliban destroyed some of the most important sculptures of the ancient world because they were Buddhist, just as Christians destroyed the libraries of the aborigines in what is now Mexico and Guatemala.

Instead of confronting these problems, almost all of you deny they exist. Hundreds of millions of people who are not Muslim want honest answers to these questions, even if you can only say "Yes, we have some severe problems in Islam." This would be much better than denouncing us as anti-Muslim.

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