Thursday, January 1, 2009

“Interlingua in interlingua”

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

“Interlingua in interlingua”, [], es un fonte de numerose articulos sur le scientias, le viages e tourismo, e le interlinguistica--omnes in interlingua. Vos anque trovara in iste publication un curso de 18 lectiones con multe textos pro lectura sur diverse themas como le ecologia e le historia del seculo XX.

Si vos comprende iste paragraphos, possiblemente vos volera leger rapidemente e le curso e le lecturas pro meliorar vostre comprehension passive de interlingua. E si vos vole developpar un cognoscimento active de interlingua pro scriber lo, vos potera studiar plus intensivemente le ressources de “Interlingua in interlingua”, que es un grande anthologia de textos semanticamente ric e facile a comprender.

Naturalmente, ante multe tempore vos volera explorar altere ressources sur interlingua. E in le sito del Union Mundial de Interlingua, [] vos videra in su prime pagina e in su ligamines suggestiones pro practicar interlingua trans le rete international electronic. Vos anque pote comprar libros in interlingua usante le Servicio de Libros del Union Mundial pro Interlingua.


“Interlingua in Interlingua,” [], is a source of numerous articles on the sciences, travel and tourism, and interlinguistics—all of them in Interlingua. You will also find in this publication a course of eighteen lessons with many texts for reading on various subjects such as ecology and the history of the twentieth century.

If you understand these paragraphs, possibly you will want to rapidly read both the course and the readings to improve your passive understanding of Interlingua. And if you want to develop an active knowledge of Interlingua to write it, you can study more intensively the resources of “Interlingua in Interlingua,” which is a large anthology of semantically rich texts that are easy to understand.

Naturally, before very long you will want to explore other resources relating to Interlingua. And in the site of the Union Mundial de Interlingua, [] you will see on its front page and in its links various suggestions for practicing Interlingua on the Internet. You can also buy books in Interlingua using the Servicio de Libros of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua.

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