Thursday, January 15, 2009

Le franceses, le hollandeses, e le Union Europee

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Io crede que le Union Europee eventualmente essera un entitate politic unificate simile al Statos Unite.

Ma le franceses e le hollandeses ha preoccupationes multo valide. Le globalisation del capitalismo jam ha causate problemas multo serie de disoccupation in le Statos Unite e exploitation economic ultragiose inter obreros in altere partes del mundo--specialmente in China in iste momento!

In nostre pais programmas de servicio social verso le modelo de tal programmas scandinave e francese non ha facite multe progresso proque multe americanos vermente crede que illes potera devenir fures capitaliste (le quales le major parte de nos admira multissimo) si illes travalia assatis assiduemente.

Naturalmente, il ha habite exemplos isolate de personas qui ha habite successo in lor effortios pro devenir ric. Ma pro cata nove millionario capitaliste, il ha habite milles de americanos qui ha travaliate multo assiduemente omne lor vitas pro esser futuite per nostre systema. Ma tal personas non recipe multe attention in nostre medios de communication massive.

Io admira multo le socialistas hollandese. Illes percipe multo clarmente le periculos de un systema simile al nostre in le qual le gente ric de nostre pais pote controlar omne le brancas de nostre governamento federal per le corruption economic massive.

Le hollandeses, specialmente, jam cognosce le periculo de un numero troppo grande de musulmanes in lor population, e illes multo sagemente non vole que Turchia deveni un membro del Union Europee.

Nos, in le Statos Unite ha un numero de musulmanes multo reducite. Ma si illes esseva, que nos dice, inter dece e vinte pro cento de nostre population, nos haberea le mesme guerras religiose que affligeva Europa in seculos passate, a causa del qual Europa ha devenite un societate plus aggressivemente secular.

Io crede que eventualmente le Union Europee devenira un plus forte confederation simile al Statos Unite. Ma le progresso usque iste fin debera esser multo plus lente in le caso de Europa, in le qual il ha multe statos national qui parla linguas multe diverse e con culturas non tanto unificate como le cultura anglo-saxon del Statos Unite.

Post duo guerras quasi suicidal que facilemente haberea potite exterminar le civilisation de Europa durante le seculo vinti, le europeos ha apprendite que illes non vole repeter iste experientia. Ma iste historia fortemente indica que illes debera haber multissime patientia in lor cammino a unification.

Le major parte de nostre population in le Statos Unite etiam nunc crede in nostre mythologia national (le qual es tanto deceptive que le mythologia national del Union Sovietic defuncte) in despecto de nostre guerra in le Philippinas post 1898 (disastrose pro le filipinos, ma non pro nos) e nostre guerra plus recente in Vietnam.

Nos anque ha demonstrate con nostre guerra in Iraq que nos non ha potite apprender multo de nostre proprie errores historic. Le causa de isto probabilemente es que nos ha non ha debite suffrer tanto como le Europeos in le seculo vinti.

Probabilemente nos debera perder un o duo de nostre citates in attaccos nuclear ante que nos comencia a evaluar clarmente nostre proprie crimines contra le humanitate. Ma nos possede un quantitate grandissime de bombas e missiles nuclear, e forsan nos destruera omne le vita human sur nostre planeta ante que nos potera facer iste evaluation.

Ma si le diverse doctores Strangelove de nostre governamento potera esser frustrate, forsan tunc nos potera disveloppar le perspicacia del franceses e del hollandeses.


The French, the Dutch, and the European Union

I believe that the European Union eventually will be a unified political entity similar to the United States.

But the French and the Dutch have very valid worries. The globalization of capitalism has already caused very serious problems of unemployment in the United States and outrageous economic exploitation among workers in other parts of the world--especially in China at this moment!

In our country social-service programs resembling the model of Scandinavian and French programs have not made much progress because many Americans really believe that they will be able to become capitalist thieves (who most of us admire a great deal) if they work hard enough.

Naturally, there have been isolated examples of people who have been successful in their efforts to get rich. But for each new capitalist millionaire, there have been thousands of Americans who have worked very hard all their lives only to get fucked over by our system. But such people do not receive much attention in our mass media of communications.

I greatly admire the Dutch socialists. They are quite aware of the dangers of a system similar to our own in which the rich of our country can control all the branches of our federal government through massive bribery.

The Dutch especially are already aware of the danger of too large a number of muslims in their population, and they very wisely do not want Turkey to become a member of the European Union.

We, in the United Staets, have a very small number of Muslims. But if they were, let's say, between ten and twenty percent of our population, we would have the same religious wars that afflicted Europe in past centuries, because of which Europe has become a more aggressively secular society.

I believe that eventually the European Union will become a stronger confederation similar to the United States. But progress toward this end will have to be slower in the case of Europe, in which there are many national states that speak very diverse languages and with cultures not as unified as the Anglo-Saxon culture of the United States.

After two almost suicidal wars that could easily have exterminate European civilization in the Twentieth Century, the Europeans have learned that they don't want to repeat this experience. But this history strongly indicates that they will have to have a lot of patience on their road to unification.

Most of our population in the United States even now believes in our national mythology (which is quite as deceptive as the national mythology of the now defunct Societ Union) despite our war in the Philippines in 1898 (disastrous for the filipinos but not for us) and our more recent war in Vietnam.

We also have shown with our war in Iraq that we have not been able to learn very much from our own historical mistakes. The cause of this probably is that we have not had to suffer as much as the Europeans in the Twentieth Century.

Probably we will have to lose one or two of our cities in nuclear attcks before we start to evaluate clearly our own crimes against humanity. But we have an incredibly large number of nuclear bombs, and perhaps we will destroy all human life on this planet before we will be able to make this evaluation.

But if the several Dr. Strangeloves in our government can be frustrated, perhaps then we will be able to develop the wisdom of the French and the Dutch.

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