Saturday, January 10, 2009

Robots homicida

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In un fabrica japonese, un robot subitemente activava un torno, occidente un de su obreros. Qual era le causa? Un unda electromagnetic producite per un scintilla electric proveniente de un grue.

Iste incidente, que occurreva in 1982, esseva revelate in un recente studio super le "smog" electronic effectuate per un gruppo de investigatores del ministerio japonese del postas e telecommunicationes. Le fontes de iste "smog", o undas electromagnetic indesirabile, son ubique. Computatores personal, jocos de video, e amplificatores de antennas de television es solmente alcun exemplos de iste phenomeno.

Iste undas electronic ubiquite anque interfere con le circuitos integrate del sophisticatissime systemas de controlo, provocante, a vices, lor malfunctionamento. In Japon, robots in fabricas jam ha occidite dece personas durante le ultime octo annos. Se suspecta que sex de iste accidentes ha essite provocate per tal undas electromagnetic.


Killer Robots

In a Japanese factory, a robot suddenly (activated)/ (turned on) a lathe, killing one of its workers. What was the cause? An electromagnetic wave produced by an electric spark coming from a crane.

This incident, which occurred in 1982, was reported in a recent study about electronic "smog" made by a group of investigators from the Japanese Mail and Telecommunications Ministry. The sources of this "smog," or undesirable electromagnetic waves are everywhere. Personal computers, video games, and television-antenna amplifiers are only (some)/(a few) examples of this phenomenon.

These ubiquitous waves also interfere with the integrated circuits of sophisticated control systems, provoking at times their malfunctioning. In Japan (factory robots)/(robots in factories) have already killed ten people in/within/during the last eight years. (It is suspected that)/(Suspicions are) that six of these accidents were provoked by (such)/ (these types of) magnetic waves.

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