Sunday, February 8, 2009

General Electric ha disveloppate un disco holographic que...

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General Electric ha disveloppate un disco holographic que pote immagazinar un terabyte de datos, le equivalente de 110 discos DVD disvellopate pro immagazinar films cinematic.

Con tante capacitate iste nove disco holographic pote immagazinar omne vostre musica, photos, videos personal, posta electronic, e grandissime bibliothecas de libros e revistas.

Media de immagazinage holographic pote continer grandissime quantitates de information digital proque illo es contenite in diverse stratos in omne le partes del disco e non solmente sur un sol strato reflective como in le DVDs que jam ha causate un revolution in le immagazinage de productiones de cinema e de television.

Ben que InPhase Technologies jam ha disveloppate un systema de immagazinage holographic, le disco de General Electric es plus sophisticate, e on estima que versiones commercial de iste nove disco essera disponibile in 2012.


General Electric has developed a holographic disk that can store one terabyte of data, the equivalent of 110 DVD disks developed for storing motion pictures.

With so much capacity this new holographic disk can store all your music, photos, personal videos, and e-mail, and very large libraries of books and magazines.

Holographic storage media can contain huge quantities of digital information because it is contained in several layers everywhere inside the disk and not only on a single reflective layer as in the DVDs that have already caused a revolution in the storage of movie and television productions.

Though InPhase Technologies has already developed a system of holographic storage, the General Electric disk is more sophisticated, and it is estimated that commercial versions of this new disk will be available in 2012.

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