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Immunditias in le sud de Italia

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Immuditias e antiqualia toxic de omne tipos sta a accumular in le sud de Italia. Usque nunc il ha essite impossbile remediar iste problema proque un mafia viciose, le Camorra, basate in Campania, controla le transporte e le disposition de milliones de tonnas de iste substantias, le quales nunc destrue le ecologia del region.

Le Camorra, naturalmente, gania multe moneta de iste activitate e seque su proprie regulas criminal, e iste mafiosos ha seriemente contaminate campos agricole, forestes, e fluvios. Ultra le feditate del processo, evidentia nunc accumula que iste gruppo de mafiosos nunc contamina le catena de alimentation del area, causante augmentante numeros de casos de cancere, neonatos animal e human defectuose, e multe altere problemas de sanitate.

Raffaele del Giudice, qui essyava a organisar le population de Campania contra le Camorra a causa de iste problemas, abandonava su campania quando iste mafiosos comenciava a occider multes de su alliatos. Secundo ille, le activitates del Camorra in le sud de Italia ha devenite le Chernobyl del pais.

Campania nunc suffoca sub montanias de immunditias putrefacente de omne tipos in parcos e altere areas public. Le camorra a vices paga grupos de gitanos adolescente a comburer iste cumulos, creante scenas dantesc de foco e fumo infecte que invenena le atmosphera del villages e citates in le area.

Le Union Europee e organisationes international de sanitate ha condemnate le conditiones de peste e ruina in le Italia meridional, e lor planctos contribuiva al cadita del governamento del prime ministro italian Romano Prodi.

Iste problema ha durate al minus dece e cinque annos, e le governamento italian ha dedicate plus que $ american a su resolution. Ma le mafiosos de Calabria ha corrumpite le politicos appunctate a resolver iste problema, e il es difficile predicer exactemente quando o mesmo SI illo se resolvera ante que le vita deveni impossibile in Calabria.

Ecce como functiona iste systema corrupte: Centenares de fabricas, complexos industrial, e omne tipos de negotios in le nord de Italia e altere partes de Europa contracta parve negotios que se specialisa in eliminar lor immunditias. Pro reducer lor costos, iste negotios tunc contracta circa vinti companias plus grandes in Campania, omne le quales controlate per le Camorra.

Le Camorra ha enthusiasticamente facite del sud de Italia le discargatorio gigante pro omne le mundo. Iste mafiosos ha expellite agricultores de lor terras pro converter los in nove discargatorios, e lor activitates nunc se ha globalisate.


All kinds of toxic waste is accumulating in southern Italy. Up to now it has been impossible to do anything about this problem because a vicious mafia, the Camorra, based in Campania, controls the transportation and disposal of millions of tons of these substances, which are now destroying the ecology of the region.

The Camorra, of course, makes a lot of money from this activity and follows its own criminal rules, and these mafiosi have seriously contaminated agricultural fields, forests, and rivers. Besides the ugliness of the process, evidence is now accumulating that these mafiosi are now contaminating the food chain of the area, causing increasing numbers of cancer cases, birth defects in newly born animals and people, and many other health problems.

Raffaele del Giudice, who tried to organize the population of Campania against the Camorra because of these problems, gave up his campaign when these mafiosi started to kill off many of his allies. According to him, the activities of the Camorra in southern Italy have become the country's Chernobyl.

Campania is now suffocating under mountains of all kinds of rotting trash in parks and other public areas. The Camorra at times pays groups of young gypsy men to set fire to these piles, creating Dantesque scenes of toxic smoke and fire that poisons the atmosphere of villages and cities in the area.

The European Union and international health organizations have condemned the conditions of ruin and pestilence in southern Italy, and their complaints contributed to the fall of the government of the Italian prime minister Romano Prodi.

This problem has been going on for about fifteen years, and the Italian government has dedicated more than two billion dollars toward solving it. But the mafiosi of Calabria have corrupted the politicians appointed to deal with this problem, and it is hard to predict exactly when or even IF it will be solved before life becomes impossible in Calabria.

Here is how this corrupt system works: Hundreds of factories, industrial complexes, and all kinds of businesses in the north of Italy and other parts of Europe hire small businesses that specialize in in disposing of their trash. To reduce their costs, these businesses then hire around twenty larger companies in Campania, all of them controled by the Camorra.

The Camorra has enthusiastically made the south of Italy into a huge waste dump for the entire world. These mafiosi have expelled farmers from their fields to convert them into new dumps, and their activities have now been globalized.

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