Monday, February 2, 2009

Carnage causate per guerras e automobiles

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Durante le attaccos per Al Qaeda sur New York e Washington, unes 3.000 (tres mille) americanos perdeva lor vitas. Iste attaccos provocava duo guerras in le quales milles de soldatos american anque ha morite.

Ma que nos suppone que in vice de 3.000 (tres mille) mortes, iste attaccos sur New York e Washington habeva causate le mortes de 245.000 (duo centos quaranta e cinque mille) personas. Tal attaccos haberea provocate un crise national multo serie in le Statos Unite. Nostre politicos e nostre medios de communication haberea parlate solmente de omne iste mortes e del necessitate pro un serie de responsas militar fortissime que occiderea omne le personas qui habeva causate iste mortes.

Post iste attaccos tamen 245.000 americanos ha morite a causa de un sol menacia que ha provocate absolutemente nulle responsa. Le causa de iste carnage es collisiones de automobiles.

Iste phenomeno non es solmente un problema american. Illo es un problama global. In le ultime dece annos, un numero plus grande de personas ha morite in tal accidentes que in omne le guerras de iste periodo, e con le continue construction in omne le partes del mundo de nove stratas e automobiles con motores plus potente, le taxa de mortes causate per collisiones de automobiles continuara su acceleration.


Carnage caused by wars and automobiles

During the attacks by Al Qaeda on New York and Washington, some 3,000 (three thousand) Americans lost their lives. These attacks have provoked two wars in which thousands of American soldiers also died.

But let's suppose that instead of 3,000 (three thousand) deaths, these attacks on New York and Washington had caused the deaths of 245,000 (two hundred forty-five thousand) people. Such attacks would have provoked a very serious national crisis in the United States. Our politicians and our communications media would have spoken only of all these deaths and of the need for a series of very strong military responses that that would kill all the people that had caused all these deaths.

After these attacks, however, 245,000 Americans have died because of a single threat that has provoked absolutely no response. The cause of this carnage is automobile collisions.

This phenomenon is not only an American problem. It is a global one. In the last ten years, a larger number of people have died in such accidents than in all the wars of this period, and with the continuing construction everywhere in the world of new roads and automobiles with more powerful engines, the rate of deaths caused by automobiles will continue to accelerate.

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