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In Argentina, gente gay nunc es plus benvenite.

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Le citate que inventava le tango sensual, Buenos Aires, nunc da le benvenita al gays del mundo. Le Hotel Axel, specialmente dedicate a touristas gay, recentemente ha aperite pro accommodar les. Un crescente numero de paises latinoamerican gradualmente nullifica lor homophobia traditional. In Venezuela, pro exemplo, le governamento de Chavez vole legalisar nos.

Ante solmente cinque annos, Buenos Aires esseva le prime grande urbe latinoamerican que legalisava le existentia de copulas gay. Argentina, il pare, va a imitar Espania. In ambe paises il habeva governamentos fasciste que incarcerava gays sequite per governamentos plus socialiste que legalisava nostre existentia. "Nos es multo plus libere iste dies," diceva Mauricio Urbides, un modista de vinti e octo annos. "On vide gays in le television argentin e in le governamento del pais. Ante dece cinque annos, nos debeva confrontar conditiones social multo plus hostile."

Buenos Aires non ha un districto predominantemente gay, como citates como San Francisco e Long Beach, ma le argentinos gradualmente ha arrivate a acciper gente gay. Le prime bar gay in Buenos Aires aperiva in 1983 (mille nove centos octanta e tres). In 1992 (mille nove centos novanta e duo) le presidente Carlos Menem decretava le protection equal pro homines e feminas gay. E nunc il ha bars tango dedicate exclusivemente a gente gay.

Le mores social de Argentina comenciava a cambiar se inter 1990 (mille nove centos novanta) e 2000 (duo mille), quando multe argentinos habeva le moneta pro viagiar a altere paises. "Multes viagiava e discoperiva que il habeva altere manieras de viver que esseva completemente differente de lo que illes debeva tolerar in Argentina," diceva Urbides.

Post le chaos economic que comenciava in 2001 (duo mille [e] un), multe gente de Buenos Aires debeva trovar lor nutrientes in receptaculos de immunditias. "In tal circumstantias de deprivation, multes comenciava a recognoscer que vermente il non es importante si un persona es heterosexual o homosexual," diceva Osvaldo Bazán, un jornalista e le autor del "Historia del homosexualitate in Argentina desde le conquesta de America usque le seculo vinti e un".

Con crescente numeros de touristas in lor pais, argentinos gay ha devenite politicamente plus active. Il esseva juvene activistas gay que persuadeva le governamento a legalisar le existentia de copulas gay, in despecto del opposition del ecclesia diabolic del Papa RATzinger.

Ma etiam nunc il ha problemas de homophobia in Argentina, diceva Marcelo Suntheim, le secretario del Communitate de Homosexuales in Argentina, un gruppo de activistas. Ille diceva que a vices, in alicun hotels del citate, ille recipe planctos de copulas gay qui diceva que le concierges del hotels que les albergava les mandava non basiar se in le vestibulos de lor hotels proque il habeva infantes qui poteva vider les. Crescente numeros del gays del pais nunc dice a tal personas que illes pote facer se futuer.


In Argentina, gay people are now welcome.

The city that invented the sexy tango, Buenos Aires, is now welcoming the gays of the world. The Hotel Axel, especially dedicated to gay tourists, has recently opened up to accommodate them. A growing number of Latin American countries are gradually getting rid of their traditional homophobia. In Venezuela, for example, Chavez's government wants to legalize us.

Only five years ago, Buenos Aires was the first large Latin American city that legalized the existence of gay couples. Argentina, it seems, is going to imitate Spain. In both countries there were fascist governments that imprisoned gays followed by more socialist governments that legalized our existence. "We are much freer these days," said Mauricio Urbides, a twenty-eight-year-old fashion designer. "Gays can be seen on Argentine television and in the government of the country. Fifteen years ago, we had to deal with social conditions that were much more hostile."

Buenos Aires does not have a predominantly gay district, like cities such as San Francisco and Long Beach, but the Argentines have gradually gotten to the point of accepting gay people. The first gay bar in Buenos Aires opened in 1983 (nineteen eighty-three). In 1992 (nineteen ninety-two) president Carlos Menem signed a decree providing equal protections for gay men and women. And now there are tango bars dedicated/catering exclusively to gay people.

The social mores of Argentina started to change between 1990 (nineteen ninety) and 2000 (two thousand), when many Argentines had the money to travel to other countries. "Many people traveled and discovered that there were other ways of living that were completely different from what they had to put up with in Argentina," Urbides said.

After the economic chaos that started in 2001 (two thousand [and] one), many people in Buenos Aires had to scavenge for food in garbage cans. "In such circumstances of deprivation, many started to recognize that really it is not important whether a person is heterosexual or homosexual," said Osvaldo Bazán, a journalist and the author of the "History of Homosexuality in Argentina from the Conquest of America up to the Twenty-First Century."

With growing numbers of gay tourists in their country, gay Argentines have become politically more active. It was young gay activists who persuaded the government to legalize the existence of gay couples, despite the opposition of Pope RATzinger's diabolical church.

But even now there are problems of homophobia in Argentina, said Marcelo Suntheim, the secretary of the Community of Homosexuals in Argentina, an activist group. He said that at times, in some hotels of the city, he gets complaints from gay couples who say that the concierges of the hotels where they are staying ask them not to kiss in the lobby because there are children who could see them. Growing numbers of gays in the country are now telling such people that they can go fuck themselves.

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